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Anyone know this lure?

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Joined: 11/05/2013
Posts: 7
Location: Wading River
 posted 11/06/2013 05:41 PM  

Was out last week on the beach, most everyone had left by 9 am. I went rooting through my tacklebox and figured I'd give this a try. It's a large bucktail dressed with a curly tail but with a spinner on it. I caught a few nice strippers on it that day till all the "buck tail" was gone. I've been searching the web for the same thing, lord only knows how old this thing is, but it produced when nothing else was. It's big, about 2oz and 6" long. I tied a new buck tail so hopefully it still works as well. Any help would be great. Yes, looks like a road runner but they don't have anything that big.

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Joined: 04/11/2001
Posts: 11014
Location: Holbrook, NY
 posted 11/06/2013 05:45 PM  

It's called a Roadrunner bucktail. The only place I've found them in large sizes like that, is Bass Pro Shops. I love using them for fluke.

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Joined: 06/24/2005
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Location: Jersey/Montauk
 posted 11/06/2013 10:56 PM  

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Joined: 11/09/2001
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Location: Massapequa/Lindenhurst
 posted 11/07/2013 08:35 AM  


Its a "Horse-head" jig...Various manufactures...A quick search should fill the void....

Good luck !

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Joined: 11/05/2013
Posts: 7
Location: Wading River
 posted 11/07/2013 03:51 PM  

Search for horse head jig did the trick, its called the Hyper Striper, company makes them up to 3oz. Thanks for the help guys.


Joined: 10/28/2005
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 posted 11/07/2013 03:57 PM  

made in the USA up

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