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Tied my First Fluke Teaser

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Joined: 10/29/2011
Posts: 102
Location: Where The Big Bass Are
 posted 12/22/2012 07:20 PM  

Tied my first ever Fluke Teaser this morning. I am not 100 % happy with this teaser, any advice on how to make it better would be greatly appreciated. I used clear nail polish. When I used the 5 minute Epoxy it never dries. It always stays sticky. Thank You.


Joined: 09/01/2002
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Location: new york city
 posted 12/22/2012 08:15 PM  

I'll bet you can kill the Flukes with that look great,congratulation ...Fred

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Joined: 03/05/2010
Posts: 71
Location: Ridge
 posted 12/23/2012 01:11 AM  

Looks good. Try tying the light color fur on the bottom of the teaser,and darker on top.
Keep at it!!!!

Teaser & Fly Tying

Joined: 04/10/2002
Posts: 1549
Location: Holbrook, NY
 posted 12/23/2012 09:50 AM  


Welcome to the forum, and nice going on your first attempt at tying a fluke teaser. I agree with Fishstank, if you plan to use bait on it, consider reversing the color sequence of the bucktail.

Take another look at the picture. The eyes appear to be wider than your fly. I can tell that because the edges of the stick on eye block the top and bottom of the pattern. Some tyers like slightly larger eyes than others. It a purely personal preference. Here's what I suggest, if you go with the larger eye, fold the eyes in half horizontally while still attached to the backing. The crease will help the eyes conform to the shape of the head. Give it a try. I believe you will like the way if looks.

Looking forward to your next post.


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