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4x4 beach access permit

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Joined: 08/03/2011
Posts: 8
 posted 07/06/2013 03:34 PM  

So on the way home from the thumb today with the windows open. Suddenly the 4x4 permit decides to take flight and shoots right out the passengers window. I pulled over to look for the permit for a while but couldnt find anything.

Does anyone know if you can email them for another copy or return to the parks department and pay for another even though the registration is over. Any info could help i dont want this to be the end of my surf fishing for the season.
RichTrox Club Member

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Joined: 10/07/2001
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 posted 07/06/2013 08:28 PM  

I believe that they have you on record as purchasing the permit and will replace the lost one. Not sure of the charge.

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