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Fluke Regs.

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Joined: 03/03/2001
Posts: 28
 posted 03/26/2002 11:01 AM  

Norm I was wondering how many guys are going to spend the approximately $100.00 it costs and the travel time to keep 4 fish. I usually fish out there 15 to 20 times a year and there are a group of us who do this. We are not market fisherman but enjoy a full day of fishing and also enjoy eating the fish we catch. George if you happen to read this could you take a pole and see how many guys would be happy wiyh a 4 fish limit? Or guys an unoffical pole on the message board about pros and cons. Lou

Joined: 10/30/2001
Posts: 56
 posted 03/26/2002 02:00 PM  

Sorry Lou, I did not take the $ or time factor into consideration. I guess I take it for granted living out here with my own boat. Now that I think about it, most anglers that book charters and dayboats are from Western points and if they feel as you do, it could really hurt these busineses. However, I must admit, I am still in favor of a 4 fish limit @ 16 1/2".
noreast Club Member

Fisheries Management

Joined: 08/02/2000
Posts: 1913
Location: Commack, NY
 posted 03/26/2002 04:23 PM  

We did one for the DEC on this very subject last week and the results can be found at

You have to copy the URL above and paste it into the address bar on your browser.

George R. Scocca,

Joined: 08/06/2001
Posts: 404
Location: Long Island, NY
 posted 03/26/2002 06:07 PM  

4 fluke limit


are you talking about paying 100 bucks to fish montauk or orient for fluke.

if so, i think the same people who did before, will continue to do so. remember 4 orient or montauk fluke are 4 nice fluke, not 16 1/2 " fish. then when they are limited out on fluke, they will switch to stripers or sea bass etc.

i voted for option 6: 3 at 16 1/2" with no closed season. i am generally opposed to closed seasons merely to limit catches; unless there is some special factor like the fish are spawning, or about to spawn,at a certain time of year; or are vulnerably concentrated in a certain area at a certain time of year as a part of their natural life history (eg. flounder at the south shore inlets before they leave the bays).

i didn't understand the first two options. it was: 7 at 17" from may 2nd to oct 31st vs. 8 at 17" with no closed season. what kind of mixed-up choice is that? why not: 7 at 17" with no closed season vs. 8 at 17" from may 2nd to oct.31st?

i would have chosen 7 at 17" with no closed season if given that choice.


noreast Club Member

Fisheries Management

Joined: 08/02/2000
Posts: 1913
Location: Commack, NY
 posted 03/26/2002 07:17 PM  

7 at 17-inches No closed Season

I voted for 8 at 17 with no closed season, but I too would have preferred 7 at 17-inches with no closed season.

George R. Scocca,

Joined: 05/26/2001
Posts: 190
Location: Northport
 posted 03/26/2002 07:53 PM  

Catch what you would eat!!

We still have to think of those captree boats who make there life at fluke fishing. 17 inches is hard at moses but easy on the south side of montauk. 4 fish will feed my house with 4 adults and 3 kids and some salad and rice.At 16.5 inches but I would wait for 17 myself. If I caught 8 fish at 17 Im frezzing or giving it away.

Joined: 02/17/2001
Posts: 1764
Location: In God's country, protected by the Dongan Patent
 posted 03/27/2002 08:36 AM  

Seems to me that the regs are put in place to help the fish to recover or to lessen mortality, not to make the party boat operators happy. The commercial guys have strict regs on them with little or no consideration for the economic impact, so it is time for us to do our part. I am sure there will be some differences of opinion on this subject, but this is my two cents worth. The bigger issue is wether the fluke population is really in trouble. LATER


Joined: 03/10/2001
Posts: 2268
Location: 24 29 30.69, 83 07 27.50--Euphoria
 posted 03/29/2002 08:59 AM  

They bag limit could be 100 and it would not matter. I forget what the exact number is, but the average catch per angler on a fluke trip is something less than 1 keeper. It is size limits that will truly change the level of harvest, if need be.

Re: Bucktail's comments. The total quota for summer flounder is divided 60/40 with 60% of the harvest going to commercial harvesters. They also work with a 14" size limit (which is utter BS) in order to ensure the marketability of their product, something done for purely economic reasons. For those that don't know, a 14" fluke provides a perfect fillet for one serving and is much easier to market than a larger fluke.


Save fishing as we know it, join the RFA today.

Joined: 11/22/2001
Posts: 24
Location: Tenafly New Jersey
 posted 03/29/2002 05:54 PM  


North Fork boats are insanely crowded. I welcome a smaller limits if it keeps down crowds. I hate for my $100 to mean that I am elbow to elbow for 7 hours. Montauk boats have many options including mixed bag. The rest of LI doesn't even have a shot at filling a 4 fish limit.

4 fish is fine.

Joined: 08/22/2001
Posts: 309
 posted 04/02/2002 03:49 PM  

With all the BS about Fluke the commercials still get to keep 14" fish.

Joined: 09/13/2001
Posts: 15
 posted 04/02/2002 05:45 PM  

The west end head boats had a terrible time getting a few keepers last season. Most times people were coming off without keepers, or just one fish. The cost of a fluke trip on one of these head boats wasn't worth it. We should get a few into our pails this year, and that should help the partyboat fleets. As for chartering for fluke, I don't think you can justify a trip for 4 fish a man. Private boat owners will at least be seeing improvement for their expenses as well, especially with the gasoline prices probably at all time highs. You only need a couple of fish for the table anyway, not 7 or 8 fish. Most small boat fisherman try to get out 2 times a week anyway, and will be into fish enough that they dont have to keep every legal fish they see. The season suits me also , seeing as I still try for a late spring flounder trip to Romer shoals, or to the Wantaugh bridge before I switch to fluke, and when October hits, just try to stop me from blackfishing. I bet most of us will be satisfied at the end of the fluke season, once we see the advantages to the new regulations.
Kevin W

Joined: 10/17/2000
Posts: 498
Location: West Babylon
 posted 04/02/2002 05:56 PM  

So worried about what will "I" get look at how much "I" spend "i" "i"i " i"

What about the FLUKE would you like your Granchildren to be able to enjoy catching and eating Fluke or is the only thing that matters is "I""i""I"I" what can "I" keep it's not fair because "I" will not be happy.

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