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Recommended cod rod ?

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Joined: 11/07/2005
Posts: 619
 posted 03/11/2007 06:12 PM  

I am looking to get a new cod rod, any recommendations?


Joined: 06/10/2005
Posts: 39
Location: Dedham, Mass.
 posted 03/12/2007 12:54 AM  

I'm no expert, but when I was shopping around for a cod rod I was told by a few of the experts here that the 8' Shakespeare Ugly stick model BWB 1120 is a good bargain. up Bass Pro

Just Lucky

Joined: 05/27/2001
Posts: 1142
 posted 03/12/2007 09:35 AM  

cod rod

Don't know your budget but I use a custom Seeker CSB909. It is an all-purpose rod. I use it from jigging cod to deep water tilefishing. It can handle it all and is very lightweight.

I had mine built by Ralph (Rodwinder on this site). Can't go wrong.

my .02


Joined: 08/04/2006
Posts: 21
 posted 03/12/2007 11:22 AM  

i was just shopping for a cod rod and went with the Penn PowerStick Plus - PC-3821 MH. i needed a rod for cod fishing, as well as jigging for tuna in the canyons. i've used the rod in the past before purchasing my own. $50. can't go wrong.

new hampshire

Joined: 09/28/2001
Posts: 6337
Location: USA
 posted 03/12/2007 11:33 AM  

What type of rod would you want? Custom? off the rack?
Gulf of Maine codfishing. jigging? bait?
More of a Montauk partyboat rod? private boat?
There are different lengths/actions you would want to consider when purchasing a rod. fill us in with alittle more info.

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That is.

Joined: 11/07/2005
Posts: 619
 posted 03/12/2007 12:40 PM  


I want a rod that would be a good bait/ and could handle a jig if they are only hitting jigs. I would probaly use it on a party boat. Im also considering on getting a new tog rod and i want to know if there is any rods that would be good for both.
thanks alot, shawn22

Joined: 03/13/2007
Posts: 7
 posted 03/14/2007 09:54 PM  

cod rod

hey,I think that most tackle shops should be able to help you.If they don't want to cut it down ,you should be able to take care of it yourself.As far as putting a new tip on, my local shop charges about 12 or 15 bucks.i've seen those 8' ugly sticks in the shop for around 80 bucks.Like I said,it's a slick set up and it won't hurt your wallet too badly.
Capt. Marc

Joined: 08/12/2000
Posts: 1717
Location: East of the Isles of Shoals
 posted 03/14/2007 11:58 PM  

BWB 1120 will work for both (cod bait and jigs).

Tog requires a different rod. Shorter and more stout. I found the UGLY STICK "TIGER" BWC2202 to be perfect for me. a BUU 700 on it works well

So Chief, I see ya got your rubbers.

Joined: 11/10/2004
Posts: 1860
 posted 03/15/2007 02:49 AM  

if you want a custom go with a gusa 80mega mag i think it was, or a seeker csb909 cut down 8to 12 inches depending on your preference, or a calstar 900m cut down 8 to 12 inches depending on your preference.

Seeker puts out an off the rack rod called BA-COD its heavy as hell and is a broomstick. THe ugly stick is also a good choice. Something a little shorter that works well for bait is a seeker black steel g6470. I use it for baitfishing cod, offshore seabass, and i could and have jigged cod and tuna on the rod as well.

Joined: 03/29/2006
Posts: 100
Location: BK now exiled in NJ
 posted 03/15/2007 09:16 PM  

to repeat what others said, the 8' Ugly Stik is a great choice because it is pretty versatile, good for codfishing, offshore sea bass, tilefish, good multi-purpose deepwater rod that doesn't noodle when fishing with 16-32ozs of lead, for around 150 the Lamiglas Tri-Flex BL8050C is also a good multi-purpose cod/deepwater stick

Joined: 03/17/2002
Posts: 980
 posted 03/15/2007 09:28 PM  

Do yourself a favor and follow Capt. Marc's advice. Either rod works just fine. I would suggest the ugly stick tiger as a very good bait rod that will sling 16 oz. jigs with no problem. I also think it would better suit you if you are young and/or not very tall. The seven foot tiger is a little easier to handle than the eight foot (and heavier) 1120.

The real point here is to spend only $60 to see if you like this enough to do it often. If that is the case then you can spend more on a custom rod that is built just right for you.

Good luck.

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Joined: 07/10/2003
Posts: 2848
 posted 03/15/2007 09:43 PM  

I have used Capt. Neil's 7 foot Long Islander Series rod for all of the applications noted above and I couldn't be happier. A nice sensitive tip that can feel the nibble of the smallest bergalls, and enough backbone to hold up 16oz if need be, In addition to the tog & cod, I used that rod for live lining herring for bass in the Montauk rips and it was a great rod for the offshore seabass trips. The rod is better than anything you'll find off of the rack and is by far the best multi-purpose rod that I own. I believe that it is priced well at around $150 but I'm not sure since I won mine in a raffle Smile

I also own the 8'0 Ugly Stick and its probably seen 100 cod trips or more in the past 15 years and it does its job extremely well. However, it does get heavy after a while and is way too stout for any toggin that you may do. On the other hand, that rod has been used succesfully by tuna jiggers for years so I guess it does have a multi-purpose role if you do any tuna trips. You can't go wrong with either rod.

Also, as others noted above, those Ugly Stik tiger rods stand up to a lot of abuse and have stood the test of time. They're standard on both the East and West Coast and some of the best rods you can purchase in the $50-$60 range.

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Joined: 07/05/2006
Posts: 130
Location: Port: Stony Brook
 posted 03/16/2007 11:05 AM  

J&H in Oakdale had a rod made for them by Lamiglas, it's a heavy 8 footer called JH850C. Looks exactly like a TriFlex 8050C except with different color wraps and a nicer, longer, foregrip. Sells for 100 bucks. If you want a lighter rod, check out the Lamiglas TriFlex 7 foot BL7040C. I got that at J&H for $135.

Joined: 07/11/2010
Posts: 244
Location: Bklyn
 posted 12/13/2011 03:49 AM  

OldMate wrote:

J&H in Oakdale had a rod made for them by Lamiglas, it's a heavy 8 footer called JH850C. Looks exactly like a TriFlex 8050C except with different color wraps and a nicer, longer, foregrip. Sells for 100 bucks. If you want a lighter rod, check out the Lamiglas TriFlex 7 foot BL7040C. I got that at J&H for $135.

what reel also can that rod be good with???

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