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Black Hawk Fishing Report

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Joined: 09/05/2008
Posts: 6
Location: Niantic, CT
 posted 10/13/2008 04:08 PM  

The Black Hawk had another very successful holiday weekend! Sauturday started off with great fishing, catching mostly blues. Sunday got even better, with some great bass thrown into the mix. The blues were huge, and everyone caught as many as they wanted! Monday was another great day, with more bass, and again as many blues as you could want!

Looks like tomorrow night's bass trip will be great (a few spots still available), along with our we combo bass/blues/blackfish trips that start on Thursday!

Fall fishing at its best!

Black Hawk II

Joined: 07/10/2003
Posts: 2848
 posted 10/04/2009 09:59 PM  

I was fortunate enough to board the Black Hawk II this morning and I was one of the lucky fares that was treated to a good old fashioned Bluefish slaughter!! It was diamond jigging at its finest!! A striped bass of about 12-14 pounds took the pool money and it was the trip's only bass. The blues were just too thick and that is how it goes sometimes! Fares should expect more daytime action from the linesiders the fall progresses, and right now their night trips have been on fire with lots of bass.

This morning I kept 3 blues for some friends and I also kept 5 gut hooked fish which were donated to the United Way. (I released much more than that as the action was insane!!) The Black Hawk II has set up a program in which fares can donate their fish which become meals for those who are less fortunate!! It is so cool to see a party boat operation spearheading such worthy cause!!

Ling is King and Cusk are Deluxe!

Joined: 01/08/2005
Posts: 1515
Location: bronx
 posted 10/05/2009 10:35 AM  

crabcake why ct when brooklyn is so much closer
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