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Had a Nice Day today with Spro & GULP!

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Leprechaun Club Member

Inshore Tackle and Techniques with Lep
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Joined: 08/11/2000
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Location: Wantagh/Seaford, N.Y.
 posted 08/09/2008 06:19 PM  

We banged away at the fluke today at the ABR. Though I normally use a Siver Bullet if I'm deep jigging, today on the advice of many here I switched off and went with the 2oz Spro bucktails in the glow-in-the-dark greenish color with a 4" white GULP swimming mullet on the hook. Eventually I did lose both of my pieces on the rough structure, but had to have banged at least 25 fish (3 keepers) on them before that. Had one drift that I caught 15 fluke by myself!

I had the Spros on the B/S Rig with a TRT green/chartreuse above - with 3" GULP! swimming mullets on them. Man, was that the hot setup today!

We ended up with probably 65-75 fish in the boat and culled 8 TRUE NY "no-stretch" keepers for the three of us to 4.5lbs. Probably at least anther dozen from 20-20.49" Just ree-dock-u-lous jig fishing.

Some observations -

1/ When did Spro switch to the new very substantial "O'Shaunnessy" type hooks, in place of those former flimsy thin wire hooks with the "near-instant rust-off" barbs? A huge upgrade for the positive. Still a razor sharp hook, but now I'm very confident that it will hold up in the long term. Anybody else notice this great upgrade?

2/ Do you care to share your favorite colors for the Spro bucks you like to use - and where you use them? Today made me a HUGE fan of the glow-in-the-dark color, but there certainly must be others that the fluke like to hammer, right?

best, Lep

"Hi, my name is Pete and I have a fishing gear problem."

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KILSONG Club Member

Jigging and Popping

Joined: 08/22/2001
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 posted 08/09/2008 08:35 PM  

The problem of old hooks of Spro was it opened up while fighting big fluke. My friend lost a huge fluke on a France charter out of Pt. Judith, RI yesterday because his old Spro's hook got opened.
That is a major reason Spro reinforced with stronger hooks.

Joined: 10/12/2000
Posts: 165
 posted 08/09/2008 10:03 PM  

Pete, my boat battle is newpenny shrimp vs albino jerk shad. Take your pick - either one on a glo or silver spro is deadly.

Joined: 12/04/2005
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 posted 08/09/2008 11:22 PM  

LEP, how many fish did you catch on the bottom hook how many on top, and where were the keepers caught bottom or top?

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Joined: 04/18/2004
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 posted 08/10/2008 01:18 AM  

Up until a couple of years ago I pretty much stuck with white followed by chartruese. Late in the season my local shops were all out of the white. Even though I considered glow was more of gimmick it was the closest in color to the white. Boy was I wrong it has become my go to color for all island fishing for the last two years. I don't think I am alone on this as up until a couple of years ago they were not easy to find in any numbers. Not so anymore even the chain stores are stocking them in quantity and many sizes.

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Joined: 04/11/2003
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Location: lindenhurst
 posted 08/10/2008 02:44 AM  

Technique Is More Important Than Color


I only used the Spro a few times on the ocean and found color to be less important than the way you fish it. Here is what I used last week when I fished a few days. Blue/white, glow, & white all produced equally well and about 10-12" up I tied a dropper loop which I attached a 3/8 ounce gotcha lead head which I attached the 4" gulp shad to also in white. The lead heads without the hair holds the gulp on the hook neater and the hooks on the lead head are pretty darn tough as I've caught some decent stripers on the same leadheads. I also think my hook up ratio with this set up was much higher because the hook is exposed without all the hair. I found bouncing the bucktail on the bottom did get a lot of strikes but just letting the bucktail sit on the bottom while you just shake the top teaser received the hardest hits. I as you lost my 2 Spro's on my last trip & this rig works good with just a sinker on the bottom. I wish I had more time to test this out but I'm only in NY occasionally.

Joined: 04/02/2003
Posts: 56
Location: Moriches
 posted 08/10/2008 09:04 AM  

baby bunker pattern

I fish Moriches area primarily, and find the baby bunker pattern with a single or double spearing combo to be deadly in the bay...1/2 and 3/4 oz sizes.(amazing how that smaller size hook can hang a 6 lb fish along with a few good runs)... In the ocean, white, or white and green in the 2 to 4 oz sizes usually produce well...fished alone with spearing or spearing with squid or belly. Or, works well used as the sinker with a hair teaser 10-12 inches up...personally, i think the teaser gets the fish upon certain tide condions, such as little to no drift, when its either closer to the bottom or showing more action.


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Joined: 09/01/2002
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Location: new york city
 posted 08/10/2008 10:30 AM  

Peter...about favorite Spro or any other jig ..well if I fishing N.J.area or N.Y Bight the only one I use it's the white Glow Spro in 3/8 1/2 3/4 or 1oz. sizes,but if they don't work I switch to Pink or green the same sizes,if I'm fishing the Ocean I love to fish the White Smiling Bill 1/2 oz or 1 oz. I don't know why but they are more productive that the Spro also I been using the Bucktails made by Sport Authority sell them 2 for $5.and they work great for Flukes (they are designer for Stripers)and come whit a long plastic tail,please don't remove them and you will see what happens...good luck.....Fred

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Leprechaun Club Member

Inshore Tackle and Techniques with Lep
Fishing Rods
Posted Reports

Joined: 08/11/2000
Posts: 9269
Location: Wantagh/Seaford, N.Y.
 posted 08/10/2008 10:37 AM  

Thanks to you guys. So I've got an interesting little wiggle here. The pail that my white 4" GULP!s came in says "Swimming Shad" on the cover, but after checking the Berkeley website I see that what I've been using are the "Swimming MULLETS" not the shads. Mine look exactly like Mr. Twister pastic baits, not the paddle-tail baits that Berkeley shows as "Swimming Shads." So my apologies to anyone that bought the Shads that I recommended instead of the mullets. I guess Berkeley had an excess of shad tub covers the day mine got packed.

As far as which caught more fish yesterday, the Spro or the teaser, I would say for the short-window best part of the tide, it was the buck by a decent margin. Once that hour or so magic window closed, I would say the teaser had an advantage.

Regarding the technique vrs. color discussion - there is no doubt that a better worked lure will catch regardless of color over a poorly attended version. Yesterday the glow-in-the-dark bucks were WAY ahead of the bright green and blue/white versions I tried. That's what the fish wanted, for sure.

Like nearly every other type of fishing, it appears that some days its a color thing and some days its more about a careful presentation. And some days they commit suicide and it wouldn't matter what you dropped to the bottom.

Too few of those days, though. Smile

Keep your thoughts coming, all observations are valuable.


"Hi, my name is Pete and I have a fishing gear problem."

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Joined: 07/02/2007
Posts: 91
Location: Massapequa Park, NY
 posted 08/10/2008 10:38 AM  

If I'm not using a Spro Glow, I am using Chartreuse or Magic Bus. I seem to do well in the bay on the Magic Bus.

Joined: 12/07/2007
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Location: Massapequa
 posted 08/10/2008 05:37 PM  


Like others have said, I have always stuck with the basic colors, white, green/chartruse, and pink. But, I picked up some of those spearing blue ones when they were introduced ( last year, I believe), and have had much success with them, especially in the J.I. area, Lep. I have so many, in all sizes and colors, that I haven't had to buy any in a while, but I am glad to hear that they apparently use a superior hook now.

As for Gulp, I definately agree, the swimming mullets are great! Another one that has been good to me since I first tried it this year are the sandeels. On several trips, I've tried a Gulp sandeel on either the bucktail or teaser, and a real spearing on the other, and the Gulp has outfished the live stuff almost every time!

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Joined: 07/10/2006
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Location: East Northport
 posted 08/10/2008 11:29 PM  

Up here in the Northport / Huntington area I've had success with brown & orange bucktails as there are some spots I fish that have lots of small sea robins. When the standard colors don't produce they sometimes save the day.

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Joined: 09/25/2001
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Location: wantagh
 posted 08/11/2008 02:51 AM  

ive found the 3" shrimp in either moltiing or newpenny worked very well on a trt 3/0 teaser in the early season, over when merrick bay was hot with shorts and just enough keepers to keep it interesting. two weeks ago in the 50' depths to the east out of ji a bit, i did fairly well on the the 3oz green glow bucktail and the four inch shrimp. last week to the west near abr it was green again on the bucktails and 5" glow squid. and using these big (for me) bucktails i like trimming the hair to just about 1/2 inch behind the bend in the hook. and fishing these things near the reefs has me looking to re load on the spros again.

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Joined: 04/23/2002
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Location: Moriches
 posted 08/11/2008 05:25 AM  

Did you ever notice how many different kind of rigs people use for catching Fluke? It seems everyone has a winning combonation Hi-Low, Green/White, This that the other thing. Hell Even I have things lol.
but then again just a plain old hook with a whole squid caught this???

Is it me or does it look like those hungry aggressive Bottom feeders will hit just about anything if you put it in front of them or on them?
I know Matching the hatch works best...
Not knocking anyone or anything just an observation


Joined: 03/11/2008
Posts: 241
Location: Central NJ
 posted 08/11/2008 08:17 PM  

4 inch Gulp New Penny Shrimp

Sometimes matching the hatch does work but you cannot beat the fun and excitement when you hook into a big fluke on a jig/bucktail. For me I am a HUGE GULP Believer when it comes to jigging. But what I use is a kind of different rig. I have tried the swimming mullet and love them like everyone but the fluke see that day in and out so to entice the fluke a little more I switched from just a spro jig with gulp to a hi/lo rig with a plain hook with a Gulp Swim Mullet on the top and on the bottom a white or chartreuse Leadhead jig instead of the spro rigged with the Gulp Shrimp and spearing. On my first test off the Jamaica II out of P.P. NJ I caught 3 keepers all over 20 inches biggest was close to 5 lbs. So Lep give the Gulp Shrimp a try and see if there is a difference I think for me the Shrimp will be my new favorite but I might switch to Gulp's NEW product the 6" Grub in New Penny or Chartreuse but a later test will confirm if its a contender to the shrimp.

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