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Joined: 08/22/2001
Posts: 304
 posted 07/07/2013 07:24 PM  

were are all the bluefish this year ?

do not kill the party boat fleet

Joined: 04/29/2013
Posts: 31
 posted 07/07/2013 07:30 PM  

In Daily News hundreds of bluefish turning up dead off the coast of Long Island, Shinnecock Bay.

Joined: 09/01/2005
Posts: 16692
Location: Miller Place
 posted 07/07/2013 07:47 PM  

Bet someone netted way too many.....


Joined: 07/04/2003
Posts: 668
Location: Cutchogue/Rego Park
 posted 07/07/2013 08:30 PM  

I've only caught 2 this in Peconic Bay, the other in the Sound.

Joined: 10/25/2006
Posts: 497
Location: New Jersey
 posted 07/08/2013 11:34 AM  

The Brooklyn boats and the New Jersey boats haven't seen the bluefish in any numbers. No one knows where they are

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Joined: 04/21/2012
Posts: 1061
 posted 07/08/2013 01:51 PM  

jigbait wrote:

In Daily News hundreds of bluefish turning up dead off the coast of Long Island, Shinnecock Bay.

dont think thts the reason for the absence of the blues. COuld be but probably not

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man

Joined: 08/08/2008
Posts: 208
Location: Western LI/South Shore
 posted 07/08/2013 03:47 PM  

Saw them earlier this year in the back bays South Shore Nassau, then they were gone. Seeing on I don't see any killies, spearing, etc. in there either, I'm not surprised.

Joined: 07/04/2003
Posts: 668
Location: Cutchogue/Rego Park
 posted 07/08/2013 03:54 PM  

Historically, blues come and go. Years of plenty followed by years of scarcity, even absence. Statistically, we are actually overdue for their disappearance.

Joined: 05/15/2003
Posts: 704
 posted 07/08/2013 05:32 PM  

blues come and go

yes it seems most fish are cyclical but this is a really bad year and i dont remeber an absesnce of blues in the last 15 years. does anyone else remember an absence of ocean going bluefish in the last 10-15 years.

Joined: 10/11/2007
Posts: 224
 posted 07/08/2013 06:53 PM  

Last year they didn't really show up until August off NJ. I don't know about the rest of the coast.

I heard secondhand that they are plenty thick about 60 miles out right now, just haven't come inshore.

The lack of bait could explain it all.

And yes, I remember reading a magazine article about 20 years ago, "where have all the bluefish gone" - they are indeed quite cyclical.

Joined: 09/24/2007
Posts: 668
Location: 38.73 miles East of Hells Bucket
 posted 07/09/2013 01:20 PM  

Earlier this season [mid May-early June] lots & LOTS.
Started out light hitting on bucktails,but after my
killer day [see posted report] they were hitting HARD
all over the South shore...

I also remember a bluefish kill last year around July 1st.
Near a S.S. inlet you would see big dead bluefish washed up
on the sand every 10 ft.Later in year I caught them with
large worms attached to them.

you know what that means"

Joined: 09/23/2011
Posts: 654
Location: Where the Big fish are
 posted 07/10/2013 06:52 PM  

On the way out for a full day sea bass and ling trip in jersey I saw lots of blues busting the water. Also in the ocean on the south shore I've tossed out bass assasins randomly by the fluke grounds and got cocktails. Also saw a school of striped bass in the ocean by the
FI Reef. Snapper Blues are in the bays by the piers, I caught and released lots of them. In my opinion I think they're usually just more grouped up and they are spread out further this year. Plus the fishing started to slow down earlier this year. There are quite a few days with dirty water too which doesn't help with the lack of normal bluefish prey like sand eels. That's what its been on the south shore by me, we just got some sand eels in.

Tight Lines

Joined: 08/02/2002
Posts: 1183
 posted 07/10/2013 07:31 PM  

NJ is reporting them in the Mud Hole, sounds like a trip with some potential if the exotics appear and maybe some ling on the bottom.

Joined: 07/04/2003
Posts: 668
Location: Cutchogue/Rego Park
 posted 07/14/2013 11:14 AM  

FWIW, I finally started catching blues again...2 last night and lost 2 this morning, all about 2-2.5 lbs, relatively large for mid July. What was more impressive were the snappers- 4-5" long, but the largest schools prowling the shoreline that I have ever seen. Things may be much better next year.

Joined: 08/02/2002
Posts: 1183
 posted 07/14/2013 12:50 PM  

Had bite offs last week in the Bight, LIS charter posted a rpt with a cooler full yesterday, and Montauk boats are complaining about blues infesting the rips.
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