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Fishing out of bayshore marina?????

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Joined: 09/09/2007
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 posted 08/24/2013 04:34 PM  

Hi, I'm wondering I fish when coming out of bayshore marina ,I usually follow the buoys and cans across the channel to the lighthouse and to the coast guard station like everybody else which is always choppy to get there. I fish mainly the bay not familiar with the treacherous inlet because I have a 20' trophy walk around which I'm just getting use to.My question is if I made a left heading east when leaving the bayshore marina is there any good spots for fluke or bottom fishing because I never notice any boats fishing in that area is it because of shallow waters??The trip to the lighthouse is always a haul for me so if anybody can give me some info on better local fishing spots it would be appreciated.

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 posted 08/24/2013 06:44 PM  

you can try around the channel marker mid way across or around the flag pole directly across after West island look at the shore you will see the flag pole. You can even drift near West Island around crazy Charlie. just be careful once you get out of the channel it gets shallow fast. I know guys fish east, but i don't so i can't tell you where to go.

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 posted 08/24/2013 10:26 PM  

Conditions are the most important factor. The last hour of the incoming current, and maybe half an hour tops of the outgoing. Dickersons Channel, west Channel, Snake Hill Channel, can all be very good. Look for the cleanest water amongst them, and the unique thing you have with these three is you can choose the one where the wind and current will give you the best drift.
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