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B-day fishing

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Joined: 11/27/2006
Posts: 17
 posted 01/02/2007 08:17 PM  

Ive got a problem and was wondering if any of u guys could give me advice on party and charter boats that will go out on jan 29. this is a special day 4 me. its my brother B-day and hes a fishing fein and my family want to take him on a fishing trip he wont 4get. so about 6-8 ppl are going and where aiming 4 some big fish. so if you guys could help me find a trip that would be greatfull............tanks
Fishing Friend

Joined: 02/04/2002
Posts: 2308
 posted 01/05/2007 01:36 AM  

Sorry, it's a bad time of the year. Mackerel are running but they are not big fish. Blackfish get big enough but are very difficult to catch. And this is in the ocean and not the Long Island Sound. Plus sea conditions are "iffy" in the winter. Especially, if people get motion sickness.

You can jump on a boat for codfish in Montauk. The Viking might sail then. Or even a charter. There are one or two in Conneticut and Rhode Island that do day cod trips on the weekends and/or certain days.

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Joined: 04/14/2006
Posts: 206
 posted 01/08/2007 09:42 PM  

The Island Current is doing Ocean Blackfish trips through the end of January.
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