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PE Lines for Squid Jigging

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Joined: 01/02/2003
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 posted 11/18/2013 03:34 PM  

Anything Magical about the PE Lines specific to Squid Jigging?? Such as Varivas AvantiEging?? I have a 10lb Line called Flouro Braid...that sinks....would that be what you want?? It seems that 10# Braid and 0.009" Flouro is traditionally what is used...eqivalent to 1X or 2X Tippet Material.

Seems that Squid Jigging is a sport unto itself in Japan...there are squid lines, leaders, snaps and rods costing big bucks!

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Jigging and Popping

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 posted 11/30/2013 10:41 AM  

I have been using braided lines for decades, but I never tried braided line for squid fishing.
Squid definitely are line shy, but we didn't have any issue when using 15 lb or lighter mono lines for them.
We do most our squid fishing on boats and Korean and Japanese anglers catch them from the shore. That might require lighter setup.
I'll make a research what tackle they use to catch squid from the shore.


Joined: 01/02/2003
Posts: 426
 posted 12/02/2013 02:45 PM  


Greetings...Hope you had a great Holiday with your family.

I have yet to squid fish from a boat. I have caught them in RI from shore. Hoping to try it from a boat this spring but we havent had a good run for a couple years in RI to warrant a PB Trip.

I am facinated by the enthusiasm that this Cephlopod has inspired in Japan, Italy and Spain. Been watching you tube videos in Italian and there is alot more to doing this than just hooking up a few jigs and sending it to the bottom. Shore fishing has other challenges as well.

As far as I can tell....for the typical RI PB fishing where squid jigs are tied to cut droppers above a small sinker any line will do either Mono or standard braids such as Power Pro.

However....when fishing from shore the type of fishing the Japanese call "Eging" where you rely on the squid jig alone, has its challenges. This is where the style of jig, having the right sink rate, and what ever motion you impart to the jig is Uber important. The motion,sink rate and color are dialed in to entice a squid's interest in the jig and typically ONLY attack as its falling through the water column.

As far as I can fathom "Eging" from shore,a light sinking braid such as spiderwire ultracast Flourobraid with a 3-4 ft lenghth of 0.009"D flouro carbon will do justice. If you are on a platform such as the RR Dock in Greenport....mono is just fine as there is no casting involved. Just a tiny flip.

These things can drive you nuts when they dont want to eat and the smaller the squid and the clearer the water the harder they are to catch. Have yet to put a decent catch together, but I am psyched for the late spring run.

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Striped Trash

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 posted 12/02/2013 06:50 PM  

Thought you squid fisherman like to see this. We went out to make squid the other night for one of the local party boats for live bait.

Pretty common volume surprise

Getting squid for live bait is the #1 priority for me most inshore days so I've been forced to get a lot better at it if I can't get out at night or get it to float like the above and brail it.

I used to use mono with just a squid jig at the bottom. I now use a gangion, with a bigger squid jig at the bottom matched with braid and a short 15lb fluro top shot when I have to make squid in the daytime. It's made a world of difference.

We use these:

I let the jig lay flat on the bottom and give it short bounces. When I give it a short bounce if I feel a tap or any additional weight I give it a big lift. I have found that giving it the shorts lifts on the bottom can get a larger group around the gangion when you feel the first one grab the jig and lift you end up loading up the gangion with the others looking at it. it's hard to feel that first little tap with mono.

Not sure if it'll work back East but worth a try for sure.


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