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Joined: 05/09/2002
Posts: 2132
Location: Kythera
 posted 04/17/2006 03:01 PM  

I think I've done this every year since I joined the site... I always enjoy hearing about other NYC residents fishing our local water & finding out what's working for them. To me fishing in NYC is a different animal altogether from fishing anywhere else. Not only is the scenery very different, but the tackle, techniques, and subtleties are unique to the local. People who put in their time in the city are a devoted but suprisingly small bunch, and for the ones who know it can be well worth the effort. So here we go for 2006...

Who's fishing NYC these days & what are you catching? Seeing any bait? What's been working best for you? No need to burn spots if you don't want to, I'm more interested in what's gonig on than where it's going on.

I'll kick things off myself:

Been fishing the East River in Willaimsburg, Brooklyn just a couple of blocks from my apartment. Only been out 3 times this month but I caught all 3 times: 1 the first time, 8 the second time, and 8 the third time. No keeper-sized fish yet, but my spot doesn't produce many keepers at any time of year... it's mostly schoolies for a month, then larger schoolies to just keepers, and then the cocktail blues show up and run the show til October. So far this year the schoolies are plentiful, agressive and looking nice and plump. There's been some bait in the water, one deep bodied baitfish I suspect is blueback herring but I haven't positively ID'd, and a smaller "rain bait" fish I suspect is bay anchovy but again - no positive ID. There could be others mixed in there. I haven't seen any crabs or worms yet. A few jellies floated by the other night. The water is considerably murkier than it was the same time last year, but that could be the result of extensive land development projects up and down the river. I haven't seen any shad yet, but I would expect to start seeing them soon. So far I haven't tried any bait yet because my favorite bait spot was recently fenced off, but the jigs have been working just fine in the other spot.

Other East river rumors, sightings, etc. -
Since they fenced off just about all of Williamsburg's waterfront I haven't seen the local guys much so I don't know too much about the daytime fishing in the hood. I was scouting for new spots on Saturday and I came across a nesting sandpiper sitting on a clutch of 4 eggs in a vacant lot off Kent ave - now that's a first! A friend of mine took a stroll down some of our old stomping grounds on the other side in Manhattan and he reported the schoolies were there too, and also that the flounder have shown up where we expect them this time of year - actually a week or two early according to my logs. I've also hear from a couple guys getting a few fish in the Hudson from Manhattan, but nothing impressive. Been seeing a lot of waterfowl too - buffleheads and canada geese mostly but not many cormorants at all which is odd. Well anyway, that's about all I can report - maybe boring to most, maybe not, if anyone wants to contribute I love hearing about fishing in the city, and if anyone has any questions about trying it out for yourself don't hesitate to ask.

Joined: 09/26/2001
Posts: 139
Location: Wantagh, NY
 posted 04/17/2006 06:47 PM  

Not boring by a longshot. I think your report is fascinating because we might not think to fish the urban Brooklyn or Manhattan spots you mention. I truly apprciated your post and I hope that you will have more.




Joined: 05/26/2003
Posts: 86
Location: Manhattan
 posted 04/18/2006 12:57 AM  

East River 90th St. Manhattan

Hey jtzannes

We're getting some action uptown on blood worms, nothing big but the weather's been nice. Enjoying hanging with friends and having a few brews.


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Joined: 05/09/2002
Posts: 2132
Location: Kythera
 posted 04/18/2006 08:17 AM  

Hi bob, thanks for sharing... I think I was checking out your spot from the FDR on SUnday - looks fishy but I've never been up that way. Ever see any flounder up there? I'm still searching for my willaimsburg flounder spot, after 3 Springs I have yet to hit a single flounder from Williamsburg, but I can see my favorite Manhattan flounder spot right where I jig bass - very frustrating.

Went out last night for a half hour but fishing was not good... strong wind and incoming tide produced poor conditions for jigging, I only had two hits and they were just nips. Got to wait for the tide to cycle around so I can fish the outgoing for at least an hour at night... by Thursday I think conditions will start to shift back to favorable, and next week should be excellent.

Joined: 09/15/2004
Posts: 46
 posted 04/18/2006 11:55 AM  

I've been tossing plugs and small plastics along the Carroll Gardens/Brooklyn Heights waterfront to no avail for a couple of weeks now. More to get out of the house than anything, but I have seen several swirls behind my offerings which is encouraging. I'm slowly working my way up to the the park between the Manhattan and BK bridges - the rocky shore there seems like it would hold fish. Sorry for the ramble, but I wanted to agree with you guys that I have seen increasing evidence over the past month of life in an area most people would pass right over. Now if I could just turn those swirls into strikes.....

Joined: 05/09/2002
Posts: 2132
Location: Kythera
 posted 04/18/2006 12:27 PM  

I don't know the areas you're fishing, but I can offer a couple ideas to help turn the swirls into strikes... 1) fish at night near lights, 2) fish the outgoing tide as close to high tide as you can (even slack high is often very productive for me) 3) find places with current and structure and work your plastics very slowly in the current... cast up/cross current, let it drift down just bouncing bottom, then retrieve as slowly as you can. This is especially effective if you can get it so the drift ends/retrieve begins as the jig crosses a shadowline or shortly after going into the shade from the light part (obviously at night). Very similar to bridge fishing from under a bridge if you're familiar with that. Small white soft plastics have been working for me, mostly curly tails, shads, and fins-s style plastics. good luck, glad to see another person giving it a go.

Joined: 09/15/2004
Posts: 46
 posted 04/18/2006 03:07 PM  

I haven't found any spots with lights directly on shining onto the water, but I will now keep my out for it. I'm used to plugging the shadow lines of the LI bridges, so yes, the tactic has proven effective. Issue down there is access though, you know? I guess if I'm at the Ale House on Berry St. and I see someone walk in with a surf rod, I'll know it's you......Thanks for the tip!

Joined: 12/04/2005
Posts: 1328
 posted 04/18/2006 04:23 PM  

I tried Sheepshead Bay already this time of year. Nothing yet, then again I have little experience with the area. I will tell you the Bay begins to boil in September with Peanut Bunker being chasesd by Blues Weaks Albacore and Stripers. There is plenty of space to cover and when you see a school being targeted snag and liveline. The bay is really large but is most productive extremely early in the morning. I have caught a few Stripers, but lots and lots of Blues with the occasional Weakfish. Last year we saw 2 Bonitos come up. You can use light tackle there since the walls are about 5 feet or more deep on average. Just bring a Gaff hook or a Net (Thats what I use) if you plan to land anything ; )

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Joined: 04/11/2005
Posts: 5748
Location: pikerville,new york
 posted 04/18/2006 05:08 PM  

hey this a great ,informative seems that so much is posted about long island but not much about our side of town.i am looking for spots to fish from shore in brooklyn,mostly from the sheepshead bay area.i just want to thank everyone for their input

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Joined: 12/04/2005
Posts: 1328
 posted 04/18/2006 08:02 PM  

Hey psychopanhead Sheepshead Bay is a decent spot but you need to come right time of year and need a specific time of day. Manhattan Beach fairs well time to time as well I hear. But people still pull up wacky stuff out of the bay like Sheepshead every now and then. How has this year and last year been for you?

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Joined: 07/22/2004
Posts: 109
 posted 04/19/2006 05:31 PM  

hudson, downtown

Hey, nice thread.

I live in the West Village and fish the Hudson. There are numerous piers around Houston Street and I've caught fish at all of them. So far this year I've been skunked, but I haven't really logged many hours and it's been all daytime.

Once the water warms, there are white perch, blackfish and very small stripers which can be caught pretty much at will on bits of shrimp.

I caught several nice schoolies in the fall around Pier A near the battery and a 34" bass on bunker in the west village area.

Joined: 05/27/2002
Posts: 926
Location: the docks
 posted 04/19/2006 06:54 PM  

nice thread

jtzannes -

i really enjoyed your comments and observations about the fishing and the surroundings of the areas you look at . you bring out the best of the sport .


Not boring by a longshot. I think your report is fascinating because we might not think to fish the urban Brooklyn or Manhattan spots you mention. I truly apprciated your post and I hope that you will have more.



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Joined: 10/07/2002
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Location: Henderson, Nevada
 posted 04/19/2006 11:22 PM  

broasterhouse wrote:

Once the water warms, ...there are white perch, blackfish.

I too live in the West Village.
Where and when do u get Blackfish around here?
Sounds interesting. Come on....SPILL IT!


Joined: 11/12/2003
Posts: 1609
Location: Staten Island, New York
 posted 04/20/2006 08:00 AM  

Roll Call

nycbob: Here's where I get into trouble again. That fish looks like a Fluke to me, not a Flounder. Bluefish strips are not Flounder bait. Take a look at the mouth, still looks like a Fluke to me. Maybe you are calling them Summer Flounder, not the Winter Flounder or maybe I am the one confused.

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