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Editing photos: Hiding your spot ineffective

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Joined: 07/11/2005
Posts: 238
Location: Brooklyn
 posted 11/29/2011 07:24 AM  

I think that editing your trophy shots to remove the location or area landmarks is lame.

If you want to brag without sharing some info, fine, but everyone can figure out where you were by going and seeing the fish/birds/boats. It's the rare day when you fish inshore alone. You don't lose fish to courteous or polite fishermen, even those nearby.

I feel that the real issue is that some people do not share well. These fishermen are not safe or courteous, and they will show up no matter what. Not alerting people to the area you had success yesterday won't keep them away.

Reporting is bragging, good, but it has also been about sharing info with the noreasters : It makes me sad to see some of the more accomplished fishermen trying to hide their spots. The best way to hide your spots: go alone at night, fish w/o lights, and don't tell anyone that you caught anything.

I don't have a hobby, I fish.

Joined: 03/25/2003
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Location: Farmingdale
 posted 11/29/2011 08:43 AM  

I think you're way off base.

Everyone has the right to keep their favorite spot to themselves. Some of the best fisherman and most courteous people will not spot burn. They put in their time to find a place to fish on a certain part of a tide, why should they have to share if they don't want to?

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Joined: 11/12/2003
Posts: 1609
Location: Staten Island, New York
 posted 11/29/2011 10:12 AM  

Spot Burning

When I post a report, I tell where I fished and don't alter the pictures, that's me. I look at it this way fish swim, one day they will be there the next maybe not, they don't sit there with a dinner bell. I understand why people try to hide their spot, that's their choice and there isn't anything wrong with it. I just don't do it, my choice.


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Joined: 02/14/2003
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 posted 11/29/2011 10:46 AM  

The editing of spots out of photos if for the surf reports/surf forum. It doesent affect the rest of the site and its photos. It was implemented as a courtesy to the surf fishing community as to not spot burn

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Joined: 07/11/2005
Posts: 238
Location: Brooklyn
 posted 12/05/2011 04:58 AM  


Thanks for the responses, which all make sense. Personally, I agree that tide and timing are a critical part of a productive spot, and that today's spot will probably be yesterdays spot tomorrow, which would make photo editing unnecessary.

It's nicer to fish alone, w/o the company of hogs, pirates, etc. But, as a kayak and surf fisherman, courtesy is way more important for my safety and enjoyment than secrecy.

I enjoy using this site and reading the reports, and I'm glad that photo editing is done for the surf reports at the request of the users.

I don't have a hobby, I fish.
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