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Boating Safety Class-Shoreham NY April 6th and 13th-2013

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Joined: 05/20/2005
Posts: 225
 posted 11/28/2012 06:58 PM  

Just confirmed a class at the NorthShore Library in Shoreham.

Class is Sat April 6th and Sat April 13th of 2013.

10AM to 2PM

Small fee to cover materials

Class size is limited.

I will post again when the Library opens the class for registration.

Please do not call the library until I post registration dates

Capt Rich Cloonan
NY State Safe Boating Instructor
USCG Masters License

Joined: 07/11/2008
Posts: 16
 posted 11/29/2012 07:46 AM  

Boating courses

Would you happen to know if there are any classes coming up that will be offered on the North Fork?

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Joined: 05/20/2005
Posts: 225
 posted 11/29/2012 11:26 AM  

Boating Class North Fork

Where on the North Fork are you located.

I have taught classes on the North and South Fork in the past.

Just need to have enough people to justify a class

Joined: 07/11/2008
Posts: 16
 posted 11/29/2012 09:16 PM  

Southold, but anywhere up to Riverhead would be fine with me. Any chance this might occur?

Joined: 05/20/2005
Posts: 225
 posted 03/19/2013 04:45 PM  

Boating Safety Class North Shore Shoreham Library April 6th and 13th

The library North Shore-Shoreham Library has opened registration for this Boating Safety Class

Call the library at 631-929-4488 for more information or to register for this class

Successful completion of this class with place the student in compliance with both NY State and Suffolk County Safe Boating requirements

Joined: 03/19/2013
Posts: 6
 posted 03/20/2013 10:11 AM  

Here is a list of Boaters Safety courses being given in different areas.As you can see some are free ,so no need to pay for it.

Joined: 01/16/2007
Posts: 498
 posted 03/20/2013 10:39 AM  

with this cert, would you be able to operate a PWC ?

Joined: 05/20/2005
Posts: 225
 posted 04/01/2013 03:24 PM  

Boating Safety Class North Shore Shoreham Library April 6th and 13th

If you are 14 years or older this class will certify you to operate a Personal Watercraft in NY State.

Currently there are about 10 seats left in the class.


Joined: 12/16/2001
Posts: 1319
Location: north fork
 posted 04/01/2013 03:53 PM  

I haven't been following this.... You need to be certified to operate a regular boat?

Get Fish or Die Trying!!
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