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Dual battery

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Joined: 03/28/2005
Posts: 6
 posted 03/29/2005 03:52 PM  

I own a Parker 21' with a 150 yamaha on the back. I recently purchased two new interstate batteries. I noticed while installing the batteries that the both of them are cranking batteries. I should of looked while I was in the store. Will that be a problem or cause problems later on down the line? Should I replace one with a deep cycle?

Joined: 08/23/2002
Posts: 4205
Location: Newton, NH
 posted 03/29/2005 04:02 PM  


In a boat where you use them like 2 dual purpose batteries, I'd install 2 dual purpose "starting + deep cycle" batteries.

If you had 2 ciruits, a starting and a house, then I'd go deep and a starting..

You could also go w/ a deep and a starting on a 1 ciruit system, but I find the "deep + starting" batteries are rated as well for both purposes as you'd buy anyway.. so you may as well have 2 batteries that are suited for both purposes...


"Kids, don't try this at home."

Joined: 03/28/2005
Posts: 6
 posted 03/30/2005 09:13 AM  

Thanks for the info. That explains alot.

Joined: 02/15/2003
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Location: North Sea Southampton
 posted 04/02/2005 09:54 AM  

more on two batts

you may want to log on to USBoat web site and look for their messageboard link. Go to power boat maintenance and read about the different topics related to connecting helped me

Mike L
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