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Why is the Captain Lou in Freeport crowded all the time ?

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Joined: 09/03/2004
Posts: 2868
 posted 12/24/2005 04:35 PM  

Every time I go out for Fluke around Jones Inlet, I see the Capt. Lou boats going out with large crowds and then I see the Super spray going out and its only got a handful of guys. Any reason for that ? I would never go on the Lou's with those crowds , the Spray has so much empty rail space. In the past, I've sailed on the Super Spray and had great cod fishing ( for this area) .

Joined: 06/08/2002
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Location: East Meadow, NY
 posted 12/24/2005 04:42 PM  

Same here. I go out on Super Spray just for that reason. Your'e not elbow to elbow with everyone. I don't think people that don't fish regulary even know about the Super Spray.

Joined: 09/03/2004
Posts: 2868
 posted 12/24/2005 05:14 PM  

re: super spray

You'd think they'd get more business because its docked right before people make the turn for woodcleft canal. Its funny driving by their mates , they're waving their hands at you, come come ! I don't usually have any feelings towards partyboats , but I feel bad for the Super Spray capt. and crew. They've been their so long in Freeport, i'd hate to see them leave because of poor business. The Spray is the last boat from the glory days in Freeport, when the Starstream, Super Spray and Capt. Al ruled. I forget, did the Super Spray come after Capt. Al went to Point Lookout ? I seem to remember all three sailing for cod out of Freeport. Boy, the early 1980's were special. It was so nice going out in the winter on one of those boats and catching 5-10 nice sized cod. I still remember what time they sailed. The Super spray and Starstream sailed at 5am and Capt. Al at 4 am.

Joined: 03/25/2003
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Location: Farmingdale
 posted 12/24/2005 05:29 PM  

The Lou has a rep as a fast boat, that could be the reason some people head there no mater how crowded. More fishing time and first to the spot. I have no idea if there is a big speed difference, but that could be it. Also Lou has newer boats.

If you guys say that SS is just as good maybe i will give it a try next week.

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Joined: 07/04/2003
Posts: 865
 posted 12/25/2005 06:00 AM  

Super Spray was in Freeport when Capt Al was there. Al left to go to Pt lookout to save the steaming time.
I was working for him and his son Billy when they made the move to Pt lookout. Billy had a very good 1/2 day business going and man was I glad I didn't have to stand in the street anymore waving a flashlight trying to "entice" customers.

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Joined: 09/03/2004
Posts: 2868
 posted 12/25/2005 08:11 PM  

Togster I have a question

Did you enjoy working for Capt. Al ? How was he ? did he treat you well ? I sailed one time on the Capt. Al and I put my rod up near the anchor but not too close. Al started yelling at me for having the rod too close to the mate and the anchor. I found him very rude and short tempered.
Jaiem Club Member

Joined: 08/09/2000
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Location: Lindenhurst, NY
 posted 12/26/2005 11:14 AM  

I remember one year I was out on the Capt. Al for a daytime bluefish trip in late Sept (maybe early Oct). We were anchored up a few miles south of JB inlet. Caught several real gorilla blues.

It was a very cold and rough day. By the afternoon the seas were so high as the Super Spray was heading a little ahead of us the boat came to the crest of a wave and completely became airborne! I'll never forget the "THUD!" sound the hull made hitting back in the water and the sound of the screws spinning in the air.

Yea, cod out of Freeport was fun in the day. I believe the NY state record cod was caught on the Starstream one winter.

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Billy40 Club Member

Joined: 12/16/2001
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Location: Staten Island
 posted 12/26/2005 12:47 PM  

Vector wrote:

Did you enjoy working for Capt. Al ? How was he ? did he treat you well ? I sailed one time on the Capt. Al and I put my rod up near the anchor but not too close. Al started yelling at me for having the rod too close to the mate and the anchor. I found him very rude and short tempered.

THat's a good quality of a captain. Get your freaking rod & rigs away from teh anchor dammit! You'll be the first guy looking for a lawsuit when teh rig gets stuck in teh anchor and goes overboard. THE mates also need space to wrk up there, and the capt doesn't want some once ni a lifetime fisherman trying to fish while the mates are working with teh anchors.

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Joined: 10/04/2004
Posts: 222
Location: Edison New Jersey
 posted 12/26/2005 05:53 PM  


What a great Captain. “Tough as nails”. I fished with him and his 2nd Captain "Butch" for Cod during the early 80s. Total “Hard-Core” winter fishing. No heat, no galley, head filled with clams, and plenty of fish. One trip was so cold we were standing on burlap bags to keep the cold from the steel deck from penetrating our boots.

One of my buddies caught a double-header cod one trip and yelled up to Captain Al looking for a compliment. His reply was "If you weren't unconscious, you would have felt the first one bite".

We made several trips with him where we had no business being 30 miles off. Honest 8 to 10 foot seas. On one trip a guy overdosed on Dramamine and the USCG had to air lifted him off the boat. Talk about an exciting trip. The bonus was that guy puked on my rod a reel before he went “down for the count” and I later caught the pool fish. As tough as Captain AL was, he was also very smart and probably saved that guys life by quickly requesting help and steaming full throttle to meet the USCG cutter and later the helicopter.

On one trip we took a huge sea "beam to" and one guy fell put his arm through a Plexiglas window. After we anchored Captain Al came down from the wheel house and made sure he was okay. When he responded that he was fine, Captain AL handed him a roll of duck tape yelling, "You broke it, you fix it".

Captain Al and that boat would quickly separate the men from the boys. An we slammed the codfish the whole way. GREAT TIMES !!

(This post edited by Thenagainfishin on 12/26/2005)

"Summer Cod, and some are not"

Joined: 10/04/2004
Posts: 222
Location: Edison New Jersey
 posted 12/26/2005 05:59 PM  


We had very few trips that did not produce a nice catch. Let's hope these fish make a comeback. It would be a lot to ask of guys today to battle the elements and that "STEEL ICEBOX" of a boat with little reward.

(This post edited by Thenagainfishin on 12/26/2005)

"Summer Cod, and some are not"
Fishing Friend

Joined: 02/04/2002
Posts: 2308
 posted 12/26/2005 06:36 PM  

Thenagain, what year was that picture?? I found a picture of when the Captain Al was in Freeport on a fluke trip. It was probably 1981 or 1982. The mate in the background looks like Tom Weiss the captain now. Nobody wore shirts in those days and we were all as thin as rails. LOL! But I also remember the 1980's codfish trips. Not all of them were killers but it seems all of them followed the same pattern. I never checked NOAA reports and just went regardless of the weather. The eerie scene in the morning of boarding the boat in the dark. The dark cabin thick with smoke and the 4 AM beer drinkers and smokers that would have their head in the garbage pail shortly after the inlet was cleared and the waves smashed over the bow and pounded the windows. And at the end of the day the catch often looked like the above picture.

Joined: 07/25/2002
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 posted 12/26/2005 06:52 PM  

Thenagain, any more Capt. Al stories? Maybe some more Freeport partyboat stories? Do you know much about the Capt. Lou fleet, I remember reading an article about the fleet in the Fisherman mag, but lost it as this was a few years ago.

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Joined: 08/17/2001
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 posted 12/26/2005 07:14 PM  


that post was a hoot. Keep em coming.

Joined: 10/04/2004
Posts: 222
Location: Edison New Jersey
 posted 12/26/2005 07:30 PM  

"Captain Al a Fishermen's Pal"

Another great Captain Al story.

Al needed 6 fares to sail, so we always came with 6+ guys if the weather was going to be very cold or rough. We would arrive about midnight and set up across the stern. One day it was about 10 degrees, SO we decided to bring our own electric heater with us and get that front cabin warm, and maybe play some cards, rather then sit in the truck all morning waiting to sail. The cabin was always left open, and the inside lights on.

We get all set up in that front cabin, plug in the heater, turn it on, and POOOF !!!

COMPLETE DARKNESS and SILENCE. Yup, we flipped the breaker (Which we discovered was located in the locked wheelhouse)

We spent all morning up to sailing time in the truck, and Al ripped us a new A$% Hole for getting cute. Still caught them Cod though.

The above photo was 1984, I think the last year Al was in Freeport.

"Summer Cod, and some are not"

Joined: 10/04/2004
Posts: 222
Location: Edison New Jersey
 posted 12/26/2005 07:39 PM  


"The Thrill of Victory"

"Summer Cod, and some are not"
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