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any old school KISS/Priest/MAIDEN/ DIO/ Sabbath fans out there?

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Joined: 10/07/2002
Posts: 21753
Location: Henderson, Nevada
 posted 10/26/2003 12:45 AM  

just curious

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Joined: 08/09/2000
Posts: 3463
Location: JI Buoy
 posted 10/26/2003 07:24 AM  

I like some Sabbath/Priest/Maiden and other hard rock acts

no denying theres some good tunes there but..I HATE KISS I always did , always thought they were nothing more then a " gimmick " act.


Joined: 10/07/2002
Posts: 21753
Location: Henderson, Nevada
 posted 10/26/2003 07:31 AM  

how can you hate Kiss?
Fishing Friend

Joined: 02/04/2002
Posts: 2308
 posted 10/26/2003 07:56 AM  

You bet!! Kiss and Aerosmith are waaaayyyy over-rated. After a little while Paul Stanley's voice is really annoying and what's with that perpetual puss on Gene Simmons face ?? Is it because the 5000 women that he claims to have bed with all gave him the boot. The real hard rock bands are Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. I hear that Rob Halford is back with the band. I don't like any Black Sabbath but really like Ozzy as a solo. Saw Ozzy for the first time in 1984 with some new unknown band called Motley Crue opening up. Also, saw Ratt in 1985 with some unknown band openening up named Bon Jovi. They are not exactly what I would call hard rock but you got to hand it to them as they went on to become one the largest most popular rock bands in history. The new Maiden CD "Dance of Death" is pretty good. Nothing like "# of the Beast" or "Piece of Mind". Those were the days. Who ever knew that one day we would be considered to be "old" by some people my friend ?? We're older...but not old Smile

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mattyblazer Club Member

Joined: 09/30/2001
Posts: 3688
 posted 10/26/2003 02:13 PM  

I had

"seventh son of a seventh son" on in my car most of the summer. Doughboy said " what are you listening to, old hair bands?"

This month I'm thinking about putting "Rage for Order", or "Powerslave"

As far as Priest goes its hard to listen to a gay guy sing "in the dead of night love bites" Wink


Joined: 10/08/2001
Posts: 1310
 posted 10/26/2003 03:41 PM  

Another Halford classic is "Grinder"...looking for meat! Wonder what he was thinking? As far as I am concerned Maiden, Sabbath and Kiss are great, but JP is the best regardless.

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Joined: 09/10/2002
Posts: 51
 posted 10/26/2003 05:04 PM  


Unleashed in the East.....awesome album. "Sinner" rules to this day.

Priest has reformed, boys.

I first saw them when I was 12, opening for none other that KISS.

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Joined: 02/14/2003
Posts: 100372
Location: 100/100
 posted 10/26/2003 05:44 PM  


saw them @the beach still awesome gotta love number of the beast

its a  tiger shark A WHAAT



Joined: 05/01/2002
Posts: 944
 posted 10/26/2003 07:15 PM  

IMO Kiss shouldn't be mentioned in the same in the same sentence as these other great bands!

Sabbath IMO is the greatest hard rock band of all time. If you see an interview with any other hard rock or metal band and the question comes up "what were the bands that influenced you growing up?". The answer always includes Black Sabbath and is usually the first band mentioned. I can't think of a BS song I don't like.

Priest was one of the first "metal" bands if not the first. I believe they are one of the first bands to feature two lead guitarists. When I was in high school I wore out my "Unleashed in the East" album.

Iron Maiden became one of my favorite bands after I saw them live for the first time in 1980? maybe. They were not that well known at the time and were the opening act for Priest. After hearing "Hollowed Be Thy Name" live, I was hooked.

"When you know your time is close at hand, Maybe then you will begin to understand, Life down there is just a strange illusion"

Fishing Friend

Joined: 02/04/2002
Posts: 2308
 posted 10/26/2003 07:18 PM  

Maiden was always my favorite. Shows I've attended:

1984: Radio City Music Hall. They sold out 10 nights on the "World Slavery" tour. It was January or February and Bruce D. had the flu and went on with the show anyway. He still did a pretty good job.

1987: Madison Square Garden "Somewhere In Time" tour. Some bona fide nutcase threw an explosive like a cherry bomb but with an explosion like an M-80 on stage (yes, I wouldn't believe it if someone told me either ...) and it remarkably went off in an open area on stage. Bruce was in the middle of singing a song and he stopped and started screaming "I'll rip your **** off ... " and stopped the concert while he was in a frenzy trying to point out who threw it but no one could tell or prove who did it of course. It was like a hand genade and could have blown off a body part or even a head. Unbelieveable !!

2002: Maidson Square Garden: Brave New World Tour.

2003: Jones Beach Theatre : "Give Me Ed Till' I'm Dead" tour. Yes, I still go to an occasional concert even though some think I'm too old to (I'll be 35 soon). My hair is much shorter and I don't hang out on street corners anymore (then I'd have a serious problem !). Don't act your age. People who act their age are boring. Smile

By the way..I'm sure Kiss must have broke a record with the amount of "Fairwell" tours they have had. I thought a fairwell tour can only happen once. What a gimmick. Save your money for the next Iron Maiden or Sabastin Bach concert or something.

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Joined: 09/30/2003
Posts: 165
 posted 10/26/2003 07:30 PM  

Iron Man!!! got me in the mood, gonna put it on now Smile
favorite band is Green Day

Joined: 02/12/2002
Posts: 229
 posted 10/26/2003 07:40 PM  

What about Led Zeppelin?

I grew up listening to Black Sabbath and Kiss and Areosmith.....but Led Zeppelin was always and always will be a cut above the rest.

Oh and another old favorite that really gets me rockin....Mott The Hoople!

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mattyblazer Club Member

Joined: 09/30/2001
Posts: 3688
 posted 10/26/2003 09:13 PM  

I was at the show (maiden) with the cherry bomb

That was weird hearing about it, they had all those cheezy inflatable space ships up near the ceiling.
I also saw the tour for Powerslave, world power tour?


Joined: 10/07/2002
Posts: 21753
Location: Henderson, Nevada
 posted 10/26/2003 10:16 PM  

WOW! Small world. I too was at that MSG show!
Yes kiddies...THE PRIEST ARE BACK !
Gay or not Rob Halford has the best metal voice of all time.
By the way--Rocka- Rolla is my favorite album of all time! BAR NONE.


Joined: 09/30/2003
Posts: 165
 posted 10/27/2003 06:22 AM  

led zeppelin - stairway to heaven, on my rig tying CD mixSmile
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