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Post your "Red Light Camera Violation" Citations Here

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Hunt n' Fish Club Member

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Joined: 04/11/2001
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Location: Holbrook, NY
 posted 04/13/2011 06:55 PM  

Last week I received my first "Red Light Camera" citation in the mail. It was awefully nice of them to take a picture of my dog in the back of my truck for me and send it to me for only $50!

Driving around my neighborhood the other day, I realized that there are a ton of these things within just a few miles of my house in Holbrook, and where I work in Stony Brook. All along Sunrise Hwy, the LIE, 347 and now Vet's hwy is innundated with these damned things.

I brought it in to work and emailed it around thinking it was a bit funny to have been caught, and found out three of the women in my office have also been nabbed, one of them twice. Then, this evening I just found a new camera install near work to avoid.

I don't have a problem paying for my violation. But seeing how this is just basically a money grab by the counties, I don't have a problem trying to beat them at their game either. I was wondering what people may be doing to avoid getting caught by Big Brother, without having to actually be observed by a live officer. I also really hate these things, because now, at least in the Bohemia area, they elimnated right hand turns on red, which is jamming the intersections with traffic along Vet's Hwy and the Sunrise Hwy service roads. Apparently, just so they can screw us with these cameras instead of letting traffic flow.

One friend bends down his plates. I've heard of sprays or using license plate covers. I have also lost license plates over the years, but the cops will stop someone for that. What about placing reflective tape near the numbers so it obscures them when the flash goes off? Or maybe smearing some grease around the numbers to make them illegible to the camera but a cop could still read it? Any other thoughts people are using to avoid this BS?

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Joined: 09/10/2010
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Location: J-Bay
 posted 04/13/2011 06:58 PM  

Would you mind fixing the picture? Smile
Never ran red light.

Hunt n' Fish wrote:

Any other thoughts people are using to avoid this BS?

I have a good idea for you: don't run a red light! Toungue

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Joined: 05/13/2002
Posts: 1259
 posted 04/13/2011 07:15 PM  

Fingeruh if you stop at red lights or even a few seconds before you won't get a ticket!
Slow down you'll notice a lot of great things in life!Smile

Ugh!It's Monday again.How does this keep happening?

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Joined: 02/14/2003
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Location: 100/100
 posted 04/13/2011 07:26 PM  

Ive heard about a spray that is used so the camera cant get a pic of the plate and is totally invisible to the human eye. Im working on finding about it some more when I do Ill post the results

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Joined: 09/05/2005
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Location: City Island, Bronx
 posted 04/13/2011 07:29 PM  

The only thing more aggravating then these red light cameras are when a meter maid is waiting at your car for the meter to expire.

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Joined: 03/27/2005
Posts: 100
Location: west islip
 posted 04/13/2011 07:47 PM  

i think they tried something on mythbusters about hiding your plate. i don't think they found anything that worked.

Joined: 08/09/2004
Posts: 2182
 posted 04/13/2011 08:13 PM  

Suffolk County has 100 cameras set up and working now,saw that in newsday the other day.

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Joined: 07/01/2002
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Location: Growing up, 11756.....growing old, 11741
 posted 04/13/2011 08:29 PM  

My wife got one. They even sent us a nice link with the video of her violating the law. $50 down the drain.

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Joined: 04/08/2009
Posts: 9134
Location: IN THE WASH!!!!!!
 posted 04/13/2011 08:51 PM  

They are all over rt 25 as well. You can do what they did to a few of the cams in Brooklyn and burn them.Toungue



Joined: 09/01/2005
Posts: 16692
Location: Miller Place
 posted 04/13/2011 08:56 PM  

347 has at least 4 or 5 now


Joined: 03/17/2003
Posts: 27998
Location: levittown, N.Y.
 posted 04/13/2011 09:24 PM  

I stop as soon as the light turns yellow up

But if I had to go threw a red light, they won't get my plate....hahaha.

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Hunt n' Fish Club Member

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Joined: 04/11/2001
Posts: 11014
Location: Holbrook, NY
 posted 04/13/2011 09:39 PM  

Jay, I was looking at mowing them down with the bumper on my truck, but the bases look pretty substantial. Or possibly paint balling the ones in the area.

If you could see the picture better, you'd see I wasn't speeding (which IS unusual for me) but doing 56-mph. I was caught litterally 4/10 of a second before entering the intersection. I have heard a number of people opine that they have shortened the amber light time on these camera lights in order to catch more people. I don't know if that's true or not though.

I don't have a problem with the law. Don't speed. Don't run red lights. No cell phone. Wear seatbelts. Many of us do break them though, sometimes many of them at once. Driving to work every day, I'd say less than 1% of the people on the road aren't breaking some law. And when I'm caught, I don't ***** about it either. I am willing to "pay to play."

In the cases of these stupid cameras though, it is not about the law, it's about generating revenue. Cops have to see you do something wrong in order to ticket you. And even then, they have discretion in how they cite you. These cameras are just a $50 fine (no points), because they really don't know, or care, who was driving. It's not about punishing the driver, it's aobut making money. And in the process of doing so, they are ruining traffic patterns (restricting right turns on red) and backing up traffic. I'm not bitching about paying the fine. I broke the law, and I was caught. Fine. But if they are going to come up with ways to make money off of me, I'm going to try and find ways to do what I can to keep it.

I've also heard that they are using these red light camera images to ticket people for cell phone violations and seat belt violations. If this is allowed to continue, how far off are automatic speed violations? How many of you out there honestly never drive over 55-mph or 30 on the back roads, always buckle up, never answer a phone call (however briefly), run a "rellow" light, tailgate, change lanes, drive in the left lane, drive distracted by kids/radio/make-up/eating, etc? I'm guilty of most of them and more. I can be honest with myself lol.

President, RAIBS
Recreational Anglers against Internet BS

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Joined: 02/14/2003
Posts: 100372
Location: 100/100
 posted 04/13/2011 09:45 PM  

Chris I dont know how true it is but Ive heard that if you go to court to fight the ticket by law you have the right to face your accuser in court. They cant bring in the camera/accuser there fore no case

its a  tiger shark A WHAAT



Joined: 03/13/2001
Posts: 270
 posted 04/13/2011 10:23 PM  

I got 2 in Nassau County at the same intersection. (I got the second one before the 1st came in the mail.)

The 1st one I went through a light that turned red by a fraction of a second. The second was "turning right on red" The sign said "no turn on red when pedestrians are present". There were none in the video but I didn't come to a complete stop.

Was I technically wrong.... yes but a police officer would probably have a little more common sense. At least once when I did make sure to stop before the red at this intersection I almost got rammed in the rear from someone who wasn't quite as "law abiding"

The tickets are not even paid in New York. It's out sourced to an Arizona company. How about a little common sense from our politicians. Election time will be here soon.


Joined: 06/14/2004
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Location: U.S. waters
 posted 04/13/2011 11:00 PM  

Chris, I got one of these on West Street in Manhattan a couple of St. Valentine's Days ago. Killed me because I wasn't even late and I very rarely run a yellow. They had me dead-to-rights in the intersection, took three pics so there was NO DOUBT. Those pics are somewhere on NoreastSmile

Did some research and it turns out that these cams are installed by private contractors who share in the ticket revenue so I say fight back by whatever means you choose

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun."


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