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Why is an Easterly Wind direction bad?

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Joined: 07/02/2013
Posts: 98
 posted 07/21/2013 07:48 PM  

I was going to go on a party boat Wednesday afternoon. The winds are going to be East with 4 foot seas. I read that East winds are bad and make for lousy fishing conditions. Does anyone know why this is true? I think I may avoid the trip since I doubt the Full Moon tide will help things.

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Joined: 05/22/2010
Posts: 778
 posted 07/21/2013 08:08 PM  

Maybe we should put a regulation on the East wind like the ones up you believe need to be stricter on bluefish, spearing, and Boston Mack's.surpriseToungue

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Joined: 10/23/2003
Posts: 1040
Location: Brooklyn
 posted 07/21/2013 08:21 PM  

East winds

Winds can be bad or good it all depends where you are fishing and what tide. thats the answer. Lol


Joined: 09/09/2002
Posts: 1596
Location: Not telling, but the bite is on here!
 posted 07/21/2013 09:19 PM  

Because the world says east is the least...LOL

Truth is that I am not a fan of the east wind if it is strong under any circumstances. If it is light who cares! I do find that the east wind on my boat tends to bring in generally sloppy seas in Montauk and the North Fork.. I do like the early part of the NE wind in the surf.
MakoMike Club Member

Noreast Writer

Joined: 12/28/2000
Posts: 71023
Location: Pt. Judith
 posted 07/22/2013 08:36 AM  

Because in most areas the east wind has the longest fetch.


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Joined: 08/09/2004
Posts: 2182
 posted 07/22/2013 09:14 AM  

I thought that only applied to surf fishing..

Joined: 07/08/2011
Posts: 1674
Location: USA of the past
 posted 07/22/2013 09:45 AM  

Don't believe the hype. Shades

Joined: 03/11/2005
Posts: 637
 posted 07/22/2013 10:26 AM  

Ive heard this before

Least from East
Best from West

Joined: 05/24/2003
Posts: 8923
Location: Trollin NE for a bite...
 posted 07/22/2013 11:00 AM  

Isn't that a compass thing?
A little rhyme to help us remember megnatic declination?

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Joined: 03/25/2003
Posts: 39977
Location: Farmingdale
 posted 07/22/2013 11:10 AM  

-13 degrees 20' west

Hey, it can't be Christmas everyday!!!!

Joined: 09/09/2005
Posts: 339
Location: Medford, N.Y.
 posted 07/22/2013 12:15 PM  

From the surf...

Wind from the East...bring on the Beast !!

As stated already, different conditions that work for the surf and the boat.
Its all about where and tides that make certain wind good at one place and not in another.


Joined: 05/16/2007
Posts: 238
 posted 07/22/2013 12:28 PM  

East winds on the east coast are coming in from the ocean, bringing swell and strong currents with it. That may have something to do with it. When the wind is blowing out of the west, it is traveling over land without the opportunity of sending much windswell to Long Island.

Joined: 05/06/2010
Posts: 898
Location: Where your not....
 posted 07/22/2013 02:46 PM  

I learned this a long time ago and is invaluable. Just fish. Forget all the non sense wives tales. up . If u think it gonna be bad before you even start you not gonna give 100%

Joined: 07/08/2011
Posts: 1674
Location: USA of the past
 posted 07/22/2013 03:02 PM  

Wind from the east the fish will feast

Joined: 05/24/2003
Posts: 8923
Location: Trollin NE for a bite...
 posted 07/22/2013 03:56 PM  

TuPac wrote:

West side is da best side...

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