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Rattlesnake creek

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Joined: 08/02/2008
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 posted 01/31/2009 06:35 PM  

Really Did anyone see what happened at rattlesnake creek? the little wooden information stand where it tells you about trout regulations is destroyed and the cement bridge is cracked and pieces of it are in the water.
I am assuming that a car must have crashed into it because there is a tire, headlight, and a piece of the front end with a licence plate still on it around and in the water. a fellow fisherman was down there and said that he would call the cops and tell them about it and report the licence plate number.

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Joined: 07/04/2003
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 posted 01/31/2009 07:04 PM  

Thanks for mentioning this and hopefully that other fisherman will follow through.


Joined: 03/17/2003
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 posted 01/31/2009 11:22 PM  

If you find out, please let us know. Maybe you should call the officials too including the DEC jsut to be sure they knowup

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Joined: 06/24/2008
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 posted 12/10/2009 09:56 PM  

i know this is a very late reply, but looking back on how bubbles and rattles were from the end of december till about the middle of august, and yes a car did hit the bridge over at rattles. The guy was drunk, and a 4 hour old infiniti, he drove the wrong way on montauk highway going about 90, and crashed right through there. He would of died if a good samaritan didnt see his head lights in the water. And also idk if he was a diabetic or a drug addict, but i went the day after the crash and there as some hypodermic needles laying around in the ruble of the car
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