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Joined: 07/22/2007
Posts: 171
Location: Up on cripple creek, East Moriches
 posted 11/14/2013 08:27 PM  

Needle fish or darter or diamond jig for the fall. What doyou prefer? Just curious.

Joined: 04/13/2008
Posts: 1073
 posted 11/15/2013 06:22 AM  

I Let the fish & bait present dictate what I prefer..changes from year to year

Some of us never stop fishing....If it swims,its fair game...Its never too cold..

Joined: 11/01/2002
Posts: 918
Location: West Sayville, NY
 posted 11/15/2013 08:30 AM  

srfrat wrote:

I Let the fish & bait present dictate what I prefer..changes from year to year

So true... changes for day to day and by location....

A bucktail can imitate lots of different baits.

Joined: 10/28/2005
Posts: 16948
Location: Rolling in the deep....
 posted 11/15/2013 08:58 AM  

.depends on water conditions.

My first choice is always topwater plugs by preference love watching the strikes and splashes.

Need calmer water

as the water gets rougher needles bucktails diamonds krockodile spoons hopkins

Green Grass and High Tides forever,,,

Joined: 07/24/2011
Posts: 311
Location: Running from the Johnnies.
 posted 11/15/2013 06:09 PM  

Bucktails !

Joined: 10/31/2013
Posts: 21
 posted 11/24/2013 07:59 PM  

My old days with Bill Wetzel and plugs

Hey... This is absolutely not an ad or spam. Just read an old post I put up on my old club's site and it was so much fun to read thought I'd repost it here. It was about 6 years ago before an injury benched me for a long time.

It was fall and I headed out to Captree to meet Bill Wetzel who I fished with as often as I could.

Here's the story. Thought you'd enjoy the reference to plugs versus...

4:00 AM.

I pull up to the Captree parking lot and there's Bill, waiting and smiling with that "late again" smirk. I change as fast as possible and we head out to Demo. It's late fall and there are big stripers around. The herring have settled into the area and there are signs of birds working. Daylight is minutes away. I'm using Billy's gear as I prefer his one piece Lami over my two piece custom 11'. The current is really moving (strong sweep around the point) and as we pull up there is clear activity of two guys into fish. One is working what turns out to be a 43# striper. Billy gives me that "you shoud've been on time" look and I sheepishly get out of the vehicle.

Within minutes Bill's got a bucktail flying south and I've got a bottle nose that clearly mimicks herring. I shoot mine directly into the beginning of the rip and let it sweep left across the first fifty feet of shoreline. BANG. I'm on. I love this sport. Billy takes a few more casts and changes to wood which is producing. Don't get me wrong. Billy has taught me more about bucktails than anyone I've met and he outproduces everyone with them, but the menu definately is calling for wood this AM. He's into fish and so is the other charter we came with. The weather is tough but we are having a great morning. Several fish later we hop in the truck and head East. This time we're going to tackle a bar that extends out into the water several hundred yards. It's tough going but before I know it I'm in the middle of the Atlantic slinging for more fish. Waves are breaking all around us and there is no question that we are alive in this 45 degree weather.

Skip to another time out....

This time we're hitting the back bays. Billy's walkin ahead of me and pointing out some of his favorite spots. "Cast just past that opening John". I go wide. "No closer John...just in front of it". I hit another wide lob...I'm not use to his light tackle..."You lose..." he lands his Storm palstic right in front of the spot and BAM!!!!!!. I curse under my breath (SOB). That day we walked the marshes for hours landing and catching really nice Bass. The kind you want to keep... few inches over legal. Maybe 20#. Real nice. At one point I'm stranding on the edge of a bank with my Storm hanging loosly at the surface of the water. As I detangle a small mess...WHACK. The fish just about jumped out of the water up to my knees for that Storm. You gotta love this.

That day we hit maybe six new to me that is. And if you really want to test your metal take a trip to Montauk with Bill. He'll have you standing on rocks in the middle of the sea hoping you don't get too big a fish lest you go flying off your perch.

Fishing with Bill is a pleasure and I owe him for lots of shared knowledge. Hope these words are small repayment for his mind and friendship.

Just One More Cast Now onelastcast27 on Noreast....

John Copen

Tight lines to all. Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did reliving it. Happy Thanksgiving.

Joined: 01/19/2008
Posts: 173
Location: Piermont, NY
 posted 11/25/2013 11:00 AM  

onelastcast27 wrote:

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did reliving it. Happy Thanksgiving.
I did! Thanks for sharing. One of these days I'd really like to fish with that guy. Such an infectious enthusiasm expressed when he lectures.


Joined: 10/31/2013
Posts: 21
 posted 11/25/2013 12:52 PM  

Bill Wetzel

Thanks, Yes he is as enthusiastic as he seems. He'll have you in places you never imagined you'd be... I think. At least that was case for me. To this day (6+ years later) every time I twitch my rod with my wrist using bucktail instead of my arm and hand I think of him which usually went something like this. "No John twitch your wrist, don't lift the rod" and BAMMMM. he'd get a fish to drive home the point. Really... like a week ago on fire island I twitched my wrist and thought of Bill...
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