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Joined: 10/15/2002
Posts: 4
Location: port jeff station
 posted 06/02/2007 01:00 PM  

I surf cast off the beach...Rocky Point area, and I hear of big stripers being caught with clams. I never used clams before. What kind of clams are guys using and what type of rigs do you use? Appreciate any info given!Smile

Joined: 01/03/2002
Posts: 1670
Location: Selden
 posted 06/05/2007 05:52 AM  

At your local bait and tackle shop ask for salted skimmer clam. I use a fishfinder rig but you can use a three way off the beach.

Joined: 09/29/2003
Posts: 1143
Location: Bellport
 posted 06/05/2007 10:51 AM  


Hi Scott...
It's such an easy and elemental type of rigging and fishing that you'll get all the info you need from a reliable and laid-back tackle dealer. Loonzter is right on the money.
The only caution, and I tend to see this alot from beginners, is that you don't gunk-up the hook with a monster chunk of clam. You'll need that hook to catch the fish! Smile
Good luck to you... John

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Joined: 07/19/2006
Posts: 770
Location: Stony Brook/Port Jefferson
 posted 06/05/2007 11:24 AM  

clams are an awsome bait and are the key to catching bass on the north shore when there is no bait or in the summer. i do catch lots of schoolies but i get big fish to. this weekend i cauhgt a keeper on a clam in port jeff harbor in four feet of water. i use unsalted clams cause for some reason they work better for me. the do fall off the hook, but on north shore distance isnt an issue. i catch plenty of bass in less than five feet of water. Also, there arent many things pecking at my bait. crabs can be a nuisance, but bass usually don't play with it and hit hard. I use a 1oz egg sinker tied to a 24inch leader, tied to an octapus hook 6/0. this hook is vercital and can be used with bunker, clams, eels, and just about any bait. I hold rod all the time, dont use sand spike, in free spool. wait a second then set the hook. if you miss the bass rebait and cast out, and you will probably have a second chance. i you hook a schoolie there are probably a few and you will get a few hits, but with big fish, they only give you one or two. fish this weekend i missed, recast, and hooked up amost instantly. always hold rod, use egg sinker/ fishfinder, use fresh bait i try and get local cherry clams with meat about three by two inches. with surf clams i cut them in thirds, bass dont care about size and it conserves bait. if you have questions PM me. good luck

Joined: 04/25/2004
Posts: 747
 posted 06/05/2007 12:52 PM  

Fresh salted clams (regal bait) always worked for me. There are generally three different types of rigs employed:

a) hi lo
b) fishfinder (the egg sinker is a version of the fishfinder)
c) 3 way

No matter what you do go with a circle hook. Bigger is better and a rat will get a 10/0 Mustad Demon down no problem. I like the fishfinder rig the best.

The best place (IMHO) to fish clams is places where there are naturally clams. An example of a north shore spot would be a mud flat. See your local B&T about the rigs and the pros and cons of each.

Joined: 10/15/2002
Posts: 4
Location: port jeff station
 posted 06/06/2007 08:44 PM  


Thanks to everyone...I'll try this ASAP and report back! Thanks again!

Joined: 07/19/2006
Posts: 770
Location: Stony Brook/Port Jefferson
 posted 06/07/2007 05:10 PM  

see your new, try craftis fishing station by the ferry. the have the bait and knolwage to help you catch fish. also, i catch a lot of fish in pj harbour. most guys hit bouy 11 or the middle grounds. i stay in the harbor. right now there is a body of large fish in the harbor so get out there now while the fish are still here
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