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Woman and Fishing

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Onemoredrift Club Member

LI Sound Fishing
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Joined: 09/04/2001
Posts: 7042
 posted 06/09/2003 08:27 PM  

It all started when I was about 2 years old, my dad would take me(yes I am a woman)and my 3 sisters out fishing all the time. My sisters lost interest when they were about 12 years old. As for me, my passion for fishing is so strong I would rather be fishing then getting diamond rings, a mall shopping spree, a manicure and pedicure, you get get my point. I captain my own boat for 3 years now, I catch my own bait and filet my fish. Most of my life I have always fished with men until just recently. I met a woman who never fished before and asked me to take her fishing. Within hours I had her dragging the net for spearing and peanut bunker(that was in the fall) digging for clams and worms, tying clinch knots, making tackle, baiting her own hooks, taking the fish off the hook and finally fileting. Wow, I finally met someone of the same species that loves fishing like I do, she is hooked. Next I'm going to teach her to make fishing poles. When the kids get out of school we take her 4 children (ages 8 through 12) and my twin boys (8 years old) on the boat fishing, it's kinda like fishing kiddie camp. It can get a little crazy some times but our patience gets us through it (allright I confess,sometime we will have a shot of vodka when we get to stressed). The biggest difference I find between men and woman fishing is that woman have a lot more patience. For example, when we fluke fish we gradually lift the line when we get a hit, some of the guys I fish with would jerk the pole so hard you would think they'd pulled the jaw right out of the fishes mouth. 9 out of 10 fluke hits me and my friend will get a hook up. To sum this story up I just wanted to tell woman out there who might be reading this not to be intimidated by the sport of fishing or driving a boat, women can do it to and sometime even better!!!

Joined: 05/09/2002
Posts: 155
 posted 06/09/2003 09:47 PM  

I've been fishing with my wife for years and I would afraid to go head to head.The patience thing is def.true.she's caught all kinds of fish including a 700lb blue marlin!!Sunday night she was just as excited to catch her first trout on a dry fly.That's the sign of a true angler.
MakoMatt Club Member


Joined: 07/14/2002
Posts: 13142
Location: 26313.0/43267.8
 posted 06/10/2003 05:36 AM  


"women can do it to and sometime even better!!!"

naaaa,.... I better not, she could be friends with the one that shall not be named.


Hunt n' Fish Club Member

Boating Angler
General Fishing Forum
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Joined: 04/11/2001
Posts: 11014
Location: Holbrook, NY
 posted 06/10/2003 06:36 AM  

Now now Matt, she hasn't been around since the last go around. Don't chase Onemoredrift away too. JACKSON hasn't even been around that much. (If you're wondering what I'm talking about, go here. If you have half a day to kill, it could be entertaining.

I'm happy to see women anglers participating here. Welcome to the site.


President, RAIBS
Recreational Anglers against Internet BS
Onemoredrift Club Member

LI Sound Fishing
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Joined: 09/04/2001
Posts: 7042
 posted 06/10/2003 06:39 AM  

MakoMatt, would like to keep this web site clean, so therefore I won't go there either, (but it's killing me not to) but ya know what, Lets just say ---, ----- --- ------ --
---- --.


Joined: 01/22/2002
Posts: 1231
Location: Valley Stream NY
 posted 06/10/2003 06:22 PM  

To me it sounds like a "Onemoredrift out of the closet" party is in order

and hey Onemore... you and your crew might want to check this site out if you haven't already Chicks who fish

PS... let me know when you need a third! Smile

"I do whatever the voices inside my tackle box tell me to do."

Onemoredrift Club Member

LI Sound Fishing
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Joined: 09/04/2001
Posts: 7042
 posted 06/10/2003 06:48 PM  

Richard, that's a great website for if you live on the west coast, do you know of any on our coast? And yes I am out of the closet, but don't worry you will be safe in Valley Stream.

Joined: 08/09/2000
Posts: 24794
Location: Onancock VA
 posted 06/10/2003 07:36 PM  


don't know if yo're still contemplating getting married. As far as I recall - that was never resolved in the W&F Thread.
I'd suggest you try to contact OMD here. Wouldn't be any need to hide the gear.

"....inside every old person is a young person wondering what the hell happened??"

Joined: 10/22/2001
Posts: 148
Location: Island Park
 posted 06/10/2003 08:09 PM  

White Sea Bass

Not to change the subject,but did you see those WSB on the Chicks who Fish site. Those are like weakfish on steroids!!!!

Joined: 12/02/2001
Posts: 2370
Location: Lake Grove, N.Y.
 posted 06/10/2003 08:29 PM  

I love ALL women-just some more than others!
Women that fish, clean the boat and fillet the fish I TRUELY LOVE!!!!
P.S. Onemoredrift, WILL YOU MARRY ME?

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Joined: 08/26/2002
Posts: 80
 posted 06/10/2003 09:26 PM  

My turn. I'm a woman too. My real name is Jacqueline. I've been fishing all of my life. Remember that woman who was the other swordfish captain in the "perfect Storm" movie? She and I could pass for twins. I've been offshore probably a close to a thousand times and I'm proud of it!

Joined: 11/12/2000
Posts: 3296
Location: StonyBrook
 posted 06/10/2003 10:57 PM  



Ok who's next??/(gulp)

got health?
Parker On My Face

Joined: 08/22/2001
Posts: 384
Location: Westhampton
 posted 06/11/2003 06:55 AM  

Hey Lky.....

You clean up pretty good and don't look half bad in a skirt! LMAO

(This post edited by Parker On My Face on 06/11/2003)


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