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Need to change line and further maintenance need attending

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Joined: 04/27/2012
Posts: 190
 posted 04/09/2013 11:51 PM  

Hey Everyone,

I started my second season of actual dedicated fishing last week. I attempted flounder fishing at a spot where i was lucky enough to catch stripe bass, bluefish, sea robin, fluke and snappers last summer. I noticed the two rods i brought that i used last year...eventually broke down where the line tangled up after running of the reel. Both of them this never happened to me last year. Last year the lines were fresh...i didnt do anything except dusting off the pole and buying bait lol guess thiers more to are question to help break it down:

After a period of not using your rod and reel what kind of maintenance is required?

Should lines be changed after a long off season?

Is fin strike I good brand for fishing line? Last year i bought 20 pound test line to fill up the reels and worked good.

How much is too much when feeling a reel?

After fishing should anything be done to the rods? Usually i just brought them home and in my garage it i had no concern.

Thanks Everyone!!

Joined: 04/22/2009
Posts: 1376
Location: 81 West Fort Salonga rd Northport NY 11768
 posted 04/10/2013 12:05 AM  

Pazzoman, If you live on LOng Island and want to drive over to the shop one day, I'd be happy to show you some basic maintenance tips. Let's break down the reel and see what's happening inside.

The rods are another issue, but can be figured out easily.

Fin Strike is OK and inexpensive.

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Mark M
(631) 239-1631

Joined: 04/27/2012
Posts: 190
 posted 04/10/2013 11:12 PM  

Hey thanks i never fished in long island. Is thier any public fishing spots in the area? I will check how far is your shop from where I am (bronx). If thier is some spots by your shop then maybe my cousin and i can take a drive.

Thanks Appreciate It

Joined: 11/01/2002
Posts: 918
Location: West Sayville, NY
 posted 04/11/2013 07:30 AM  

A quick rinse of your rods and reels would be good and a wipe down with alittle WD-40 wouldn't hurt. For line mono I'd suggest moving up to something like Trilene Big Game. It's a quality line that isn't too expensive and it should be changed once a season (or more if you are hard on it).
You line issue sounds like it might be a line twist problem. Use a swivel and don't reel when line is coming off the reel (when the drag is letting line out).
A trip to the local tackle shop to chat with the guys there might be a good idea- good luck!

Joined: 08/01/2003
Posts: 72
Location: Bronx
 posted 04/11/2013 11:05 AM  

You are better off purchasing a cheap spray bottle from home depot or target and fill it with warm water and spray lightly and wipe off with a clean lint free cloth. The high pressure of a hose can force the grit and grime into the reel. I use penn's corrosion inhibitor spray on the reel, rod, and it is not harmful to the line. I have heard many a fisherman say never to use wd-40, as it is harmful to the monofilament. The penn spray works well and is relatively cheap.

Joined: 01/08/2005
Posts: 1515
Location: bronx
 posted 04/12/2013 01:14 PM  

line changing and maintenance

Mono fishing line is very cheap and you should buy the best you can, and if you are satisfied with your brand, stick with it. I use big game and have for many years. I fish from party boats and change line every couple of weeks, at least a 100 yards or so. Mono hold curls so every time you changed line you should strect out the curls. I do it by running the line behind the moving boat.

Rod and reel maintainence is fairly simple. I remove the reels from the rod and rinse them after every use. I spray the rods with a hose and scrub them with a soft brush, I spray the reel seat with WD40 to keep the threads oiled.

I breakdown the reels every winter, sooner if they have received heavy use.

Braid is very expensive and I dont change line unless I am sure it has weakened like it breaks under normal fishing. The mono leader should break before the braid. I throw away a couple feet of braid each year. I also reverse the line every year and and am very carefull to put tension and cross wind the braid when I reverse the line.

Joined: 08/23/2002
Posts: 4205
Location: Newton, NH
 posted 04/13/2013 12:49 AM  

If you want to start spooling your own reels it's worth getting a decent line spooler. I've got one like what is pictured but doesn't have the counter, was about $50 and fits the 5 lb spools..

For the small spools you see them for like $20 on ebay.


"Kids, don't try this at home."

Joined: 04/22/2009
Posts: 1376
Location: 81 West Fort Salonga rd Northport NY 11768
 posted 04/22/2013 08:14 AM  

Pazzoman, there are quite a few public areas you can access here on the northshore.

As for maintaining those reels, stay away from wd40 as it can leave residue after the solvents evaporate. Use Corrosion X instead.

The warm water in a spray bottle works well, but it is well worth opening the inside to see what is the real story.

Offer still stands, drop by for some reel 101 advice.

We match or beat any Internet & Sporting Good Stores prices.
Mark M
(631) 239-1631
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