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NY Field Editors      

anthony alessi

Chuck Barbato
North Shore

Steven Byrnes
Fire Island

Rob Caluori
Western Sound/Western CT

Robert Creeden
Hudson River

Karim Farid

Chris Grech
Treasure Trove

Greg Hazley
North Fork Peconics

Robert Lee

Sean MacNeal
NJ/New England Surf

Richard Pannone
Northern NJ

Mike Plaia
Offshore/New England

Frank Ruczynski
Southern NJ

Tony Salerno
NY Bight

John Skinner

Jim Test

Mike Wright


NJ Field Editors      


Online Field Editors   

John Skinner
Covering New York

Steve Byrne
Covering Northern New Jersey

"MakoMike" Plaia
Covering Rhode Island

Roland St. Denis
Covering Connecticutt

Adam Bolonsky
Jerry Vovcsko
Covering Massachusetts


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