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Business Type Mortgage Services (ALGREEK3)

NK Mortgage Services (Algreek3)

Alex Himargios (Algreek3)

NK Mortgage Services

38-08 Bell Blvd.

Bayside, NY 11361

Bus (718) 281-3800, ext. 114

Fax (718) 631-7537

For all your financing needs, whether it be purchase, refinance or Home Equity Line of Credit call Alex Himargios (Algreek3).

We specialize in no income, no asset loans. So if your self-employed and cant show enough income to get a mortgage, NO PROBLEM!!

We also specialize in commercial loans with competitive rates and again no income or asset verification!

Home equity lines are available with ZERO closing fees and up to 90% LTV with no income and no asset verification.

Call Alex Himargios with any questions regarding financing.

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