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legasea's Fishing Blog
» 31 January 2007

My son the angler

I wanted to highlight my favorite fishing buddy, my son Andrew. We have been fishing together since he could cast and he is as good an angler as anybody I know. We have fished freshwater, the surf and by boat. He has become a good buddy of Bob Rochetta and Jerry McGrath as we fish with them at least once a year and they have taught him more than I could in a lifetime. His record by boat is a 32-pounder and by surf a 22-pounder. Not bad for a now 17 year old. This kid can cast a plug or tin a mile and his technique is something I taught him and when I watch him cast an 11-foot pole I am in awe. Here are a few of his fishing moments that make me proud to be his dad. We are truly best friends and great fishing buddies and to top it off he is an overall good kid and stays far away from trouble. He never complains about getting up at 4am to go fishing but he does complain about the boat clean up Shades, but who really likes that part. We fish a lot with Danny J. my long time friend and fishing pal and his son Richard, (they grew up together). We have an annual fishing contest between us and we beat them this year by a nice margin. The grand prize is loser buys Hooters and it's not who wins or loses but that we enjoy the game and hey, free Hooters is not so bad.

#1 - His record bass to date = 32lbs
#2 - Stony Brook Harbor surf bass - nice and fat and what a fight along the reed line
#3 - Nice Moriches Inlet keeper
#4 - Andrew with Bob Rochetta and Jerry McGrath
#5 - The fluke machine - nice Moriches fluke (and his favorite fish)

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» 18 January 2007

2006 Season Summary

I started my fishing season on the Hudson River in March of 06 where I caught the only fish of the day, a 9” bass. I met Smithtown Scotty, Jim Soque (the legend) and many other angles and we are all now very close fishing buddies. I fished with Scotty, Jim and John Yea many times this year and we are always ready fish or go out for some nice cold ones.

I hit Stony Brook Harbor on opening day as always and there was no life to speak of as always. Once May came around so did the schoolie bass along the North Shore surf and Great South Bay. My fishing buddy Danny J. and I discovered a nice rocky area along the North Shore and close to home. This spot put us into steady action from July though August. We failed to land a keeper bass there but I came really close several times. I had occasions to land over 15 bass in just a few hours along with several large bluefish.

I had some friends from India in town in early May and not only did my lovely wife Diane treat them to a home cooked American meal, we managed some blue fish and bass at the Smiths Point bridge on the boat. The smile on their face was priceless as was the price of gas this year which peaked at about $4.15 on the water. My boat Dock was slow this year and I usually land a bunch of short bass right where the boat is kept. The good news is there were a lot of Bunker in August and September and a lot of blue claw crabs which provided some good eating and fresh bunker bait. Hit some fresh water lakes in PA during the spring for a marathon weekend with my brothers Matt and Bob. We had a slow lake bite but picked a few 2lb large mouth bass.

I took my father in-law out on the boat to MI in early July and we had a killer day with over 15 Bass, several large blues and four keeper fluke. Pops caught his first ever bass and boy did he have a good time. As a follow up, I took my neighbor Mike out and we also killed bass for hours.

On 8/1 my son Andrew and I took our annual Bob Rochetta trip out of Orient to fish the Race and Andrew caught a 15+ pound blue a keeper bass and I landed two 25+ pound bass. That trip is always a good one for us and Captain Jerry McGrath joins us for this trip every year.

On 8/8 I took my brother in-laws Mike and JR out for a day off from work and we also caught a ton of bass and several keeper fluke. My brother in-law Mike loves to fish he just doesn't go out enough. Ironicly, he lives in Rocky Point right on the water.

At the end of August Danny J. and I managed to find ourselves fishing Porpoise channel and did really well with bluefish to 15+ pounds. It took Danny until mid September to land his first keeper after we caught some of the largest sand sharks at Long Beach in Smithtown Bay. He caught the bass on clams as we were packing it up to leave. That man cannot fillet a fish to save his life Smile

Took the wife out to the harbor and beach several times where she had fun with bass and bluefish while never leaving her chair. I love fishing with her and I know she likes it too. In October we went to our friends house in MTK and I took Steve surfcasting which was his very first time. I caught 7 bass and he just couldn't master the cast. He did mange to find his way into the drink and when we were done he compared fishing Montauk to the TV show The Most Dangerous job, the crab fisherman. We had a great time anyway and I like Steve, good guy. The next day I met Danny J. at the point and I landed several bass and my biggest keeper from the surf this year at about 36” which came home for dinner. Danny is a giant skunk at the Mecca but I am sure that will change next year as he is an excellent and focused fisherman.

On 10/15 I proved once again that fluorocarbon leader and circle hooks work. I landed 3 keepers and many shorts on the boat in MI and Danny would not switch over so he skunked. I kept telling him to switch but he didn’t and the results showed.

On 10/19 I had a great day at the Mecca by myself and landed many fish but also came very close to being blown off the rocks under the light by a wave and it could have been a real problem. I didn't get hurt with some help from above. I also snapped my custom pole in half that day on a big bass Really but it was covered under the Lamiglas warranty so it was repaired for free.

That same weekend my brother Bob came up for a marathon boat weekend and we fished hard for 2 days in a row and landed a bunch of bass with around 6 keepers where we kept 2 each day. I love fishing with my brothers and can’t wait until next year. My other brother Matt missed this year due to surgery on his gall bladder. They are both great anglers.

The fall run was an overall disappointment for me until December and I missed several of the great RM blitzes but managed to hit a couple and we did well. No keepers for me but Danny J. landed a nice fish on his last trip of the year. I was driving off the beach and noticed a blitz, he ran out and cast into a nice 36” fish. My last trip was with Smithtown Scotty (first of 2006 and 2007 also), where he landed a nice keeper bass on his very first cast into the RM surf. Scotty is a great guy and we have been fishing a lot this year and will next year as well.

The highlight of the year as that Andrew and I beat the Jaco’s (Danny and his son Richard) in our annual fishing contest and the Hooters wings and beers will taste great when Danny and Richard are buying Shades All is fair in love and war and this is clearly war. The final score was 170 to 146 points.

My biggest bass to date is a 40lbr from the surf but I am going to land a 50lbr next year, I am sure and I am due! Over all I had a great quantity year but never got over the 25lb mark. See you on April 15th up

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