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    Welcome to WICC Kia of Milford Bluefish Tournament Central! The WICC Kia of Milford Bluefish Tournament is the richest bluefish tournament on earth. is a sponsor of the tournament and has created this page for you to learn all about the tournament. Here are the details:

Prizes Breakdown: So Many Ways to Win!

First Place Grand Prize: $25,000
Second Place: $10,000
Third Place: $3,000
Fourth Place: $1,000
Fifth Place: $1,000
Next 15 places: $200 each

Special Bonus Tagged Fish

Plus $200 Port Prize
For the heaviest Bluefish at each official weigh Station.

Special Club Prize
$500 for three heaviest fish combined

Special Charter Boat Prize
$500 for two heaviest fish combined

New Tournament Forum Right Here On!

Click Here to visit the new WICC Kia of Milford Bluefish Tournament Forum. You can learn more, ask questions, and find out who is fishing the tourney.

Special Photo Prize

Bluefishing is fun and pound for pound the best fight in the Long Island Sound. WICC and Kia of Milford is offering $500 for best bluefish picture posted. Click Here to go to the contest page.

Get Tournament Results!

The results as the happen will be posted in the WICC Kia of Milford Bluefish Tournament Forum. Make sure to stay tuned to this forum to view the leaderboard!

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