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Montauk Reports
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Posted: Sun, August 08, 2010

Capt Jake Nessel of the open boat Ebbtide (631) 668-2818 reports a good week of day fluke fishing and night bass fishing. Highlights of the week with fluke start with Monday with Joe Feldman nailing a 6 3/4 –pound pool winner. Tuesday saw Amanda Curia with a 5 3/4 –pound flat, while Wednesday saw 9-year-old Luke Saglimbene with a 4.8-pound fluke. On Thursday A.M. trip, Kate Wilcox took pool honors with a 4.8-pound fish, while the P.M. trip honors went to Chris DeMaria with a 5.4-pound flattie. Friday’s A.M. trip had James Gage take pool honors with a 4.8-pound fluke, while Mike Perrine slammed a 7.8-pound beauty during the afternoon. The weekend saw Steve Rush grab the Saturday A.M. jackpot with a 5-pound fish, while the afternoon saw Evelyn White take the cash with a 5.8-pond flattie. Sunday morning was the only trip for the day with Hank Reck drilling out a 7.8-pound flattie.

The boat got out several time this week for evening striped bass and did real well. On Sunday night, Joe Feldman of Selden was aboard again to nail his second pool with a 22-pound striper. On Monday night, Jim Ahern drilled a 24-pound beauty, while Thursday saw Tim Taylor drill a 19-pound beauty.    

TJ over at Gone Fishing Marina (631) 668-3232 reports great bass fishing during the new moon this week with some impressive size linesiders hitting the scales. On Saturday, Jeff Shearer and his group fished aboard the charter boat the “Caprice” for 12 bass with the largest going at 36 and 37-pounds. Also on Saturday Jeff Nichols fed a live eel to a cow bass of 52-pounds. TJ says fluke fishing continues strong along the south side as well as plenty of jumbo porgies and sea bass.
Captain Neil Dixon of the open boat the Flying Cloud (631) 668-2026 reports the fluke bite continues to be strong with plenty of action and plenty of nice keepers. Some of the week’s highlights include David Balgaly, Rick Tiran and Tom Koprowski all with 6-pound fluke. Joe Arena, Mario Martino Adam Sesuel and 11-year-old Emit Emmett all had at least one 5-pound fluke this week as well. Special kudos goes out to Vincent Boccino with a whopping 12-pound fluke, and 5-year-old Leah Krason with a beauty of 4 ¾-pounds.

Captain Joe McBride of the Charter boat My Mate (631) 329-0973 reports another solid week on the bass front with everyone limiting out. On Monday, JR Alose and his group had their limit of bass to 25-pounds during the A.M, while the Doug Adkins group had the same. Tuesday morning’s trip saw the John Bongovie group limit with bass to 20-pounds, while the P.M. saw Irwin from Massapequa nailed down a limit to 25-pounds. Thursday the Bill McCarthy group and Friday the Phil Crawford group both enjoyed limits of bass to 25-pounds. On Sunday, Frank DeBartola had his limit of bass and then spent the remaining part of his half-day trip catching 5 keeper fluke and a bunch of quality sea bass.

Captain Rick Etzel of Breakaway Charters  (631) 668-2914 reports he fished each day this week with the exception of Tuesday. Rick tells me he knows he sounds like a skipping record but the bass fishing could not be better. Everyday they are getting their limit with 15 to 35-pound fish.  Sunday’s afternoon's trip Rick had to fall back to the rips to get the charters limit of bass. Thursday's trip was a full day of bottom fishing. Three anglers caught a full bushel of sea bass and 10 keeper size fluke with many shorts.

Capt Harvey of Soaker Fishing Charters (646) 879-7964 reports that he will be vacationing for the next week fishing on the West Coast. He will be back at the helm on August 15th.    

Captain Steve of the Viking Fleet (631) 668-5700 reports that the half-day fluke trips were good early in the week, but slowed a bit on Thursday. On Monday’s morning trip, 10-year-old Jaclyn Scolan from East Patchogue nailed the pool with a 5.3-pound fluke. On the P.M. trip, Jack Prentiss from Southampton won the pool with a 4.5-pound fluke and Michael Gorman from Red Bank NJ took second place with a 3.5lbs fluke. Tuesday saw 13-year-old Michael Saboda catch a 4.2 who caught 4.2lbs fluke in the A.M. while.
Patrick Sarafield from Bronx NY won the pool with a 4 pounder and Greg Tongring took second place with a 3.3-pound in the P.M. On Thursday, Rob Holden from Cleveland, OH took the jackpot with a 3.2-pound fluke. On Friday, the pool was Kim Durland who caught a 5.9 pounder. Second place went to William Pigott who caught a 5.3-pound fluke. Saturday saw Larry Lizzack from Wanaque, NJ take the morning pool with a 4.5 ponder, while the P.M. trip saw Tom Schulze from Southampton, grab the cash with a 3.8-pound fluke. Sunday’s A.M. trip was fair with a decent amount of action and some nice keepers. The winner of the pool was 17-year-old Chris Haffner from West Hempstead who caught a 4.2-pound fluke.

The full day bottom trips have been nothing short of spectacular. Captain Anthony reports one of the best mixed bag days of the year this past Monday. They crushed the Scup in the morning with mostly everyone catching their limit of Jumbos, and then it was off to the sea bass with a average of 8 per man to 5.5-pounds. Fares also had 15 keeper fluke with the largest weighing in at 8.7-pounds. They also had a 7.4-pounds, a 6.7 pounder, and 4 others over 5lbs. Mr. Schmidt who caught a 3.9lb Porgy won the pool. Fishing stayed top rate on Tuesday as Captain Ken reports that the porgy and mixed bag trip was excellent with jumbo porgies, sea bass and fluke coming over the rails. Biggest scup of the day went to Greg Hudson from Springfield Gardens and young Sharpie angler Gabe Nakash from Manhattan caught the largest fluke. Wednesday proved to be a bit tough, nonetheless everyone caught his or her limit with a lot of sea bass mixed in.

The winner of the porgy pool was Linden Mitchell from Rosedale who caught a 2.5-pound porgy. The winner of the fluke pool was Tony Bruno from Oceanside, NY who caught a 4.75-pound fluke. On Friday, Tom Barnett, brother of Mike "Codfather" Barnett took 1st place in the pool with a 3.95-pound porgy and Eddy H took 2nd with a 4-pound fluke. Saturday saw 13-year-old Sam Huber limited out and took the pool with a 3.7-pound scup. On Sunday, fishing was phenomenal on the full day porgy trip. Everyone limited out on jumbo porgies and there were also a lot of sea bass and fluke in the mix. Captain Carl reports that it was a lock and load bail job. The winner of the pool was Albert Habib from Port Washington. Second place was Ricardo Cortez from Staten Island.

The Wednesday night striped bass trip according to Captain Carl was slower than last week with wind against the outgoing tide all night making conditions very tough, however they did manage some nice sized keeper bass as well as some blues. Muhammad Khan from Arlington, VA came all the way to Montauk and was rewarded with a 31-pound cow to win the pool. On Friday, Capt Anthony reports a tremendous night of fishing. They had fish on every drift with moocow linesider to 40-pounds. It was a steady pick for the first hour with a mix of bass and blues but as the drift picked up, so did the bite right up until the last drift when Dominick Piscitelli nailed a 10-pound fluke. Dominick is now the new 2010 Viking Fleet $10,000 Fluke Derby Leader. Jeff Dalder of West Hampton took the striped bass pool and is currently in second place of our 2010 Viking Fleet $5,000 Striped Bass Derby with his 40-pound linesider. Jeff and his buddy Chad limited out. Steve Bridenbach took second place with a 36-pound bass. Saturday night’s bass trip had a decent pick with a few bass on the flood in the beginning of the night, and then once the ebb got going fishing picked up as bass and some blues were taken every drift until the end of the night. Most of the fish were quality size, ranging from 20-30-pounds. Chloe Lombardi from Manhasset won the poll with a 30.2-pound bass and Jesse Pip from Staten Island got a 28.4-pound striper for second place

Captain Ed Beneduci of the open boat Marlin VI Princess (631) 668-4700 reports that after a day at the dock for some repairs on Monday, it was business as usual with the hot bite on fluke. On Tuesday, not only did they have their boat limit of fluke with the three largest weighing 11.3, 10.6 and 9.12-pounds, the boat also had a 150 tasty sea bass to 5-pounds as well. There were also a mess of 4, 5s and 6s in the mix. Friday was tough day of fishing today, as a big ground swell did not allow the boat to fish the area they have been for the last couple of weeks. Even with the conditions, fares still put 30 keeper fluke on the boat about 150 sea bass, a few dozen porgies and a striper. On Saturday, the fishing returned to normal with a boat limit of 96 keepers to 11-pounds and over 200 sea bass and a bunch of scup.

Joan over at Westlake Marina (631) 668-5600 right off Westlake Drive reports the Star Island Mako Mania Shark Tournament for the thresher division was won by John Stedman and his crew the Port Washington Gang aboard the “Main Squeeze” with a 154-pound thresher shark. In general sharking has been very slow. On a brighter note, the inshore fishing remains super with a lot of bass and fluke for all who seek. During the week, Pete Kazura aboard the “Kazoo” fished the Frisbee Grounds for 12 fluke putting a pair of 6 and 8 pound flatties into the cooler. Aboard the “Lady Grace” this week, Chris Moses drilled a gator blue weighing in at 15.95-pound. Sea bass and porgies are along all the wrecks and rock piles in the area.

Captain Mark Marose of the charter boat Captain Mark (516) 885-1932 reports a great morning for the Scott Petterson group on Monday for a half-day bonanza. The group trolled up a quick limit of Bass to 37-pounds with most being in the 20 to 30-pound range. With plenty of time still left to fish, the group stopped off at the Frisbee Grounds for a bunch of quality fluke and two-dozen sea bass. On Tuesday the Frank Fresco group drilled up 18 bass besting 12 between 28 and 41-pounds. Wednesday saw Toni Mulize’s group score 9 bass to 35-pounds on an afternoon outing. Thursday was a full day for Roger Acosta and his gang that went ahead to drill up 6 bass to 35-pounds, a bushel and a half of porgies, and a bushel of sea bass to 2.8-pounds. On Friday, Brian David and his family caught a mess of striped bass to 32.5-pounds on big tubes and parachutes up front and on the south side. Then it was off to bottom fishing for porgies and sea bass for instant non-stop action with the gang filling a bushel basket and a half of each with fish to 3.5-pounds. Saturday it was off to the shark grounds for Jim Tully and his group where they released 8 blue sharks to 175-pounds and losing an estimated 200-pound mako as well. On the way home they made a stopped by the lighthouse and trolled up 4 stripers to 25-pounds for the dinner tables. Sunday was another full day of fishing for Jordan De Jesus and his crew nailing 12 bass between 25 and 38-pounds, as well as a bushel and a half of scup, and a bushel of sea bass.

Captain Mark ask me to let readers know that due to the great bite of yellowfin tuna in the 60 to 90 pound range along the West Atlantis Wall, he will be running extended Day Tuna Trolling Trips aboard the Reel Deal, which is a 48 foot Rampage that runs to 30 knots. In addition the boat has many dates available in August for some live bait Trophy Bass trips.  If you want to get in on the action you can give Mark a call at (516) 885-1932 for more info.

Captain Tom Mikoleski of Grand Slam Charters (516) 457-5298 reports bass fishing continues to be good as Saturday night saw Davy Kim and his group nail down 17 stripers to 36-pounds only keeping a couple for a fresh meal. Plenty of bass to 40-pounds has been the norm. Come on out.

Captain Lou Rosado over at over at Star Island Yacht Club (631) 668-5052 reports the Star Island Mako Mania Tournament had 51 boats and 300 anglers entered. First Place was taken by a 110-pound Mako aboard the “Rigga” with Tom Brown and Ray Keys. Second place was taken aboard the “Reel Games” with a 109-pound Mako, while the Reel Steel grabbed third place with a 102-pound fish.

On the offshore scene, on Monday, Sam and his crew of Brad, Billy O, Bob along with Captain Terry and mates Roddy and Troy enjoyed landing two out of 4 white marlin during the daylight hours, while nailing 4 makos, a hammerhead and a albacore during the dark hours. The action took place in the Hudson Canyon, 15 miles east of the Tails. The “Ramblin Rose” with Captain Andy Bresant along with Ted and Chris was also out this week southeast of the Fishtails where the trio drilled out 3 yellowfin tuna to 80-pounds.

The inshore bass fishing remains terrific by the lighthouse as Emily, Joe and Jay were aboard Captain Fritz Hubner’s “Captain Jay” and had bass to 40-pounds. Fluke are thick and heavy along the south side, while sea bass are anywhere there is a rock pile. On Sunday, Mike Agello aboard the “Susan A” had his limit of sea bass to 5.9-pounds

While speaking with Rich on Sunday over at Montauk Marine Basin (631) 668-5900, he said he did not have much on the offshore scene except that shark fishing has been slow. He did know that there are plenty of stripers in front of the lighthouse being taken both day and nights on live bait. Fluke fishing continues strong at the Midway Rips, along the south side and off the Frisbee grounds. Porgies and sea bass are along the Elbow and Great Eastern Rock.

Captain Mike Potts of the charter boat the Blue Fin IV (631) 668-9323 reports another super week on the bass front. On Tuesday the Eng family from Michigan caught many nice Stripers, became worn out, and came in early, they had to buy more coolers then they already had to bring all the fillets home. On Thursday Joe and his family, visiting from California caught his or hers limit of stripers by 8 A.M. tossing keepers back thereafter. On Friday, Julie and her family while visiting Montauk from Germany for a few days jumped on board for a bit of striper action with the group putting a dozen in the box. On Saturday, the Martino family caught more than their limit of Stripers, and then made a few drifts for a nice fluke and a sea bass with excellent action.

Captain Jamie of the Miss Montauk Fleet (631) 668-1545 reports with the exception of Sunday and one day during the week, fluke fishing continues to be fantastic with fish to 9.5-pounds. In addition, there are plenty of giant sea bass to 6.2-pounds also in the mix. In fact, on some days it is not uncommon for each angler to put 10 or so sea biscuits in the box with a limit of fluke. Highlights and pool winners for the week go back to Monday where Mr Kang and Kelly O tied for the pool at 6.15-pounds. On Tuesday, Jane Bowman copped the pool with a 7.2-pound fluke, while Shaun Dietz and Mr. Palk tied for the pool with a pair of 7.3-pound beauties on Thursday. On Friday, Rich Dalton hung himself a 6.10-pound flattie, while on Saturday Phil Blume had the big fish of the week with a 9.5-pound brute. On Sunday, Chris Whitfield copped the pool with a beautiful 6.7-pound fluke, however the fish of the day went to Captain Jamie’s son Tyler with a 7.14-pound fluke and a personal best for Tyler thus far in his young life. Kudos Tyler, perhaps an 8 or a 9 pound beast is in your near future.

Captain Jamie ask me to let readers know that he is scheduling up coming tuna trips and for more info, visit their website at or give Jamie a call at (631) 668-1545

Please note that the Miss Montauk has not been able to get out on the evening bass trips due to the lack of interest. However the bass are here and if you want a shot a hooking a cow, give Captain Jamie a call. The night striper trips are sailing at 7 P.M. to 1 A.M. and will continue to do so every Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the rest of the season providing there are enough anglers to sail.

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