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Date posted December 2, 2017 10:28 PM
Posted by Jillybird
Report location New York > Fire Island > Fishfinder Finds the Fish, Just Can’t Make’em Take The Jigs Today
Fishing method Boat
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After a fine jigging outing on Wednesday, I went back for more this afternoon. My son is with me for a couple of more days since his boat in Miami is still in the shop. So he joined me and I treated young Max and Simon too.

Beautiful day, absolutely flat seas, plenty of birds, bass visible all afternoon slurping on the surface. So what was the problem? As Capt. Walt said in his report, today the bass were keyed into rainbait on the surface. Even though the bass were thick everywhere, including on the bottom, they just didn’t want the diamond jigs.

Today throwing a fly would have done the trick. Indeed, we saw a fellow on a private boat nail a few. A couple of guys on the Fishfinder brought spinning rods and threw some soft plastics and seemed to do a bit better.

Some keepers were caught along with a fair number of shorts but nothing like the past few weeks of insanity. Every day can’t be mayhem. Dogfish were a problem. I caught three bass up to 26 inches, my son caught a short, Max jigged a nice sea bass and Simon stole the show with a big donut.

Our neighbor down the rail had an interesting diamond jigging technique which I’m sure has never been tried on any party boat anywhere in the world for stripers. This fellow — who spoke not a word of English — brought a Shimano Beastmaster electric reel on a conventional rod. He attached the standard silver hammered diamond jig with green tube to his line and then added his “special sauce” - a nice bunker chunk on the hook. Now as you all know, electric reels are used for deep dropping in water as deep as 1500 feet. And the Beastmaster is a great electric reel that we use on the Li’l Jillybird in Miami for tilefish, Vermillion snapper, yellow eye snappers, black bellied rose fish and the like. But using a Beastmaster to jig stripers in 50 feet of water — now that’s a first.

So how did this fellow do? Well, he turned out to be high hook. He caught at least 35 big fish - ORL. Much to the mates’ dismay, however, they were all dogfish. This fellow just didn’t seem to get the connection between bunker chunks, leaving your jig unmoving on the bottom, and near instant hookups with dogfish. Though the mates tried to explain the problem, the man didn’t understand a word.

A great source of merriment to is all afternoon. Captain Walt tried his hardest, constantly moving and hoping to find some fish that would go for the jigs. Great crew and nice group of anglers made for another fun trip.

Captain Michael Potts
Click here or call 631-668-9323

Sunrise Charters
Stripers, Blues, Fluke, Blackfish
Smithtown Bay LI Sound 631-786-7745

Capt. Tony Cecco - 516 639-6767

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 12/03/2017 09:12 AM  




Joined: 10/23/2004
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 12/03/2017 03:58 PM  

Agree with your assessment on the jigs. We were fishing to the west off jones. Plenty of rain bait and herring. The bass wouldn't touch the diamond jigs. Green white red. Didn't matter. However we had 1 Hopkins on board with a small feather. That seemed to work. It caught 10 fish 30-35 inches.

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 12/03/2017 11:46 PM  

Top Water BASS

Try using Fluke Teasers, with Bucktails or anything else lightly weighted at the bottom of the Rig. Top Water Schoolies LOVE THEM!


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 12/04/2017 01:06 PM  

we had the exact same situation on the Pride that afternoon.
Luckily, I found a storm shad in my gear and was able to catch one keeper on that, but I did not have what I needed for the bite we had that afternoon.

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