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Date posted December 2, 2017 2:00 PM
Posted by KayakFisherman
Report location New York > Shinnecock > Westhampton Ocean Kayak - The Long Shot
Fishing method Boat
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The short report: Fished outside of the Jetties in Westhampton about a half-mile off the beach. I marked a lot of small fish with a few big ones mixed in but I couldn't seem to catch any. I tried a deep trolling lure as well as a variety of diamond jigs. Nothing. The fish were there. I just couldn't catch them.

The life lesson (re-learned): when I got there I didn't see birds, I didn't see boats, and I didn't see fish, but the water was too flat and the morning too pretty not to at least give it a try. It was about 31 degrees so I bundled up, grabbed my neoprene gloves which were still frozen after being put away wet, and launched into a calm surf. Before I could even get set up, I got a big hit as I was trolling out into deeper water. After that, though, I got nothing. I was marking them at the bottom and at the top. Assuming that I must have been trolling inbetween, I switched to my favorite popper hoping to catch some of the ones near the surface. Now I don't know whether it was my zeal to cast that lure a mile or ice on the gloves, but as I cast it forward I watched as my beautiful outfit slipped from my fingertips and dropped into the ocean. All I could do was watch it fade away into the darkness beneath me. Shocked and dismayed, I froze for a moment (no pun intended) but then marked the spot anyway on my GPS. The first thing I did was adjust my attitude. I loved that outfit. I made a pair of them custom outfitted for kayak fishing. The reel was a Penn Spinfisher. I bought them because I know that can be dunked completely and still function afterward. The housing is sealed. In fact,as pissed off as I was that I just threw $250 into the middle of the ocean, I drop this same outfit in Jamaica Bay in 6 feet of water and was able to get it back, so the way I saw it I was on borrowed time anyway and lucky to have the use of it for the months since then. Now recent events with my children have found me preaching the virtues of not giving up even when things seem hopeless. So although the prospects of retrieving my outfit beneath 30 feet of water a half-mile off the beach werre certain to be an exercise in futility, I resolved that before I left I would come back to the spot and see if I could snag it somehow. I thought about how I would explain it to my wife that I needed to drop another $250 right before the Christmas shopping season and what a crappy way it was to end my season. My crappy day would be complete after spending three and a half hours looking at fish on my fish finder and not being able to catch them. I'm a strong believer in karma, and I was racking my brain to think of who I could have wronged or how I must have failed to have this happen. Nonetheless, hearing my own words echoing in my head as I started back to shore, I coached myself into giving it a shot. I fashioned a grappling hook out of a deadly dick and two A-47s and began circling the spot that I had marked. I could have been dragging within inches of it but if I wasn't perpendicular to it I would never hook it. So I made sure I came in from different angles each time. After about 10 or 11 passes I actually thought I felt something. What I pulled up was a big crab and a shell. I laughed at myself for thinking that I could actually do it but decided (God as my witness) that I would make just ONE more pass over that spot - a dozen tries was a noble effort - and then get out of there. Then it happened. It actually happened. I knew I had something but I was expecting a glob of seaweed or another big angry crab and instead there emerging from the darkness was my beautiful outfit. This is a sign. As we enter this holiday season I will still endeavor to improve my karma, not because I need something but because I was given something. I can't wait to tell my kids.

A beautiful morning

My grappling hook

Catch of the day!

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surfeditor Club Member

Noreast Writer


Joined: 08/02/2000
Posts: 689
 12/02/2017 04:57 PM  

Absolutely fantastic read. Thanks for writing it.

A Season on the Edge

Fishing the Bucktail

Striper Pursuit

Joined: 09/23/2006
Posts: 172
 12/02/2017 05:10 PM  

Wonderful fishing tale.

Joined: 07/22/2007
Posts: 172
Location: Up on cripple creek, East Moriches
 12/02/2017 05:19 PM  


wow! I actually pulled my boat out last weekend after having a 100% skunked fall run. BUT, it's not winterized yet - maybe I'll try one more time tomorrow! between this post and fretless - maybe there's hope.

Joined: 07/04/2006
Posts: 298
 12/02/2017 05:52 PM  

wow !!! great ending.

Joined: 10/01/2001
Posts: 16741
Location: ><)))):> ~~ THE JAMAICA BAY TRIANGLE ~~ <:))))><
 12/02/2017 07:15 PM  

well done my friend,,, sea it did happened Shades, good for you up,,, and thanks for the short post Toungue,,, be safe talk soon,, ><(((:>



Joined: 06/22/2014
Posts: 287
Location: Smithtown
 12/02/2017 07:37 PM  

Took me a while to learn to use a tether. Trolling two rods, when you hook up you got to be quick to speed up and reel in the other. Turning back to the one hooked up and finding out I need to retract it by the tether makes me glad I use them. This year the new Boga got one. Last year I had one (Boga) swim away while still attached to the fish I was trying to tag.
I know they suck. Two slinky type to the rods. One parachord to the boga. No tangles.
At least you got out and you Jerry rigged grappler worked.

Team Fishing Lab
Yellow Eyed Devils

Joined: 06/11/2013
Posts: 159
Location: Central LI
 12/02/2017 11:42 PM  

Luv it!

Keep em coming!

Best day ever is when I realize I'm a fisherman and a fisher of men (Mt. 4:18,19)
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