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Date posted May 28, 2015 1:59 PM
Report location New York > South Fork
Fishing method Surf
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Fished this weekend. Weather was beautiful, tides

were cooperating. I found a nice spot to set up and began working it pretty

hard. Tried poppers- nada. Then switched to my trusty Danny plug and bang got

hit right away!. I lost that battle but next cast produced a nice fish that was

quickly released. Now that I had the spot and the proper lure I was all set

for a beautiful afternoon of great fishing.

That is til some dumbass in a beat up old Grady came drifting right through all

our lines. Some old guy that had his young girlfriend on the boat with him

obviously trying to show or something for his girlfriend because he was truly

clueless. After exchanging some pleasantries, he finally got the hint and ran


Good riddance and don't come back old man. Surf guys never forget!

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Joined: 04/03/2013
Posts: 583
Location: Brooklyn NY
 05/28/2015 07:45 PM  

Bass or Blues

Nice report. What type of fish, and quality were you catching?

If you ask me why do I go fishing the answer will always be I'm a Antoine, Antoines go fishing!

This post edited by Shakaantoine 07:46 PM 05/28/2015

Joined: 08/13/2002
Posts: 7953
Location: West Hampton
 05/29/2015 01:36 PM  

Shakaantoine wrote:

Nice report. What type of fish, and quality were you catching?

The one released was just barely legal. Then a couple of schoolie stripers and a decent Blue before the guy in the Grady ruined the fun.

Skatemaster,time to apologize to Tevlin's parents
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