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Date posted October 15, 2014 3:56 PM
Posted by JPinto9405
Report location New York > New York Bight > Ocean
Fishing method Boat
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Went on the Dave today. Managed a few keeper sea bass. No blacks caught on boat.

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Joined: 10/01/2001
Posts: 16621
Location: ><)))):> ~~ THE JAMAICA BAY TRIANGLE ~~ <:))))><
 10/15/2014 05:27 PM  

where are the tog!!!!!!!,,><(((:> ~~~ ><(((:>


Joined: 03/14/2003
Posts: 621
Location: Glendale (Queens)
 10/15/2014 07:00 PM  

Areas get wiped out quick especially two weekends in . The spots we found some blacks on opening today aren't producing as much . Need to find new different projects and find some bigger and better blacks . Joe I can't believe you hooked that small one the little blacks are usually the ones that are the most successful at stealing

Joined: 12/30/2012
Posts: 368
Location: Bellmore NY
 10/15/2014 07:06 PM  

There would also be more blackfish if the poachers would stop taking them all. I have seen dozens of these guys going to gateway marina on flatbush ave and filling buckets with short blackfish. we have called DEC several times but they take too long to get there and the poachers know whats going on they leave at the right time. So stop poaching you know who yo are.

A bad day of Fishing is still Better than a good day at work

Joined: 11/25/2006
Posts: 159
Location: massapequa
 10/16/2014 07:49 AM  

They r there

I have been out on the south shore three out of the last six days in not the best weather . The fish r there . Monday morn we fished local and hammered the fish then entire day . Limit and plenty of shorts released . Sunday morn was slow but the afternoon we had a steady bite . No limit but lots if throw bcks . Put in your time move around , build them in . They r there .

Joined: 11/25/2006
Posts: 159
Location: massapequa
 10/16/2014 08:03 AM  


Oh lest I forget . Poaching for blacks is a huge problem . We see it everyday on the water . Yes call the DEC. Even if they get there too late it is worth the try . If u call they will come . 1-800-847-7332. Also note that a lot of guys have blackfish permits that allow them to keep 25 smaller sized fish .
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