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Date posted December 31, 2011 12:06 PM
Posted by CodONrod
Report location New York > Shinnecock > WheRe ELse BuT HL wREcKiN
Fishing method Boat
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Some how the fish gods shinned on us alittle bit, giving us a break in the weather to let us fish, just one last time for some cbass, and where else would I be but my favorite boat on the island, the Hampton Lady. Scott "catchabigone" set up this charter, his first one, and it went off flawlessly...........left the house with my boy, FrankieFillet and Rich, around 2 am, as we drive we talked about how this we probably be the last time out for cbass since the weather wasn't looking to good for sat, anticipation was running high bc, nobody has been out since Tuesday and with the blow for the last couple days we knew the bite should be good, little did we know how GOOD. Got to the boat around 315, to find most people where al ready there waiting to steam off, got on the boat to light winds and a nice warm night,,,,,felt more like an early fall night, then the end of December, lines off at 4 and I nice 3 hr steam, I settled in to get alittle shut eye, when we got to the spot, it was still alittle dark and capt Jim set the hook, I knew the bit wouldn't start to heat up till the sun was fully up, but when we set down, rich immediately hooked up, nice biscuit came up and I knew that today was gunna be special, as the morning went in the weather stayed spectacular and the fishing was just out right Fu#%^ng stupid....... The 3 of us limited out early and went on to play with jigs and catch and released as many cbass as we the day went on, I noticed a kid named Jeff, that I met for the first time yesterday, nit catching to many fish, if at all, he was using a set up with mono, and couldn't really feel the fish, soi lent him one of my custom set up with some braid and told him to try that, he was now feeling the bite, but couldn't really , connect, so when Jim set up for the second drop, I told him to move rit next to me, I fasted out my rod, and hooked up immediately, I gave him the rod to reel in the fish, and fasted his rod out, hooked ur right away again, at this point he just got the other fish to the surface so I handed off the rod again,,,,,,we did this for the next 20 minutes and it really made his day, his tote was filled in no time, now I told him it was time for him to do iton his own,, and he got the hook of it, catching mulitple on is own after woods, on the way in I got to talking to him alittle more and he told me that this was his first fishing trip on a boat in is life, and he said he will be on many more now bc of this one.

In ending this long report, I would like to give thanks, thanks to Capt Jim, who in the 2 years I have fished with him, has never disappointed me, not just with fishing, but with service and just whith how of an good upstanding guy he is, the mates CRAIG Anthony and Joe , couldn't say more good things about u guys, always there when u need a hand, and a laugh, glad u guys are around, also don't wanna forget about Glenn, man was he something else, another great year in the books on the HAMPTON LADY, 2011 had a lot of big fish, and I'm sure 2012 will be even

better, see u guys for some cod

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Author Message

Joined: 10/10/2006
Posts: 768
Location: long island
 12/31/2011 03:21 PM  

Hey Brian, thanks so much for coming out and halping my friend out a true gentlemanup We really had an amazing day and was happy to share it with everyone. Happy new year and excited to fish in 2012. Tight Lines

Moderator Charters

Joined: 03/03/2002
Posts: 2672
Location: New London, CT
 12/31/2011 04:21 PM  

Nice write up Brian!!! up


Joined: 10/31/2009
Posts: 609
 12/31/2011 06:25 PM  

& thats what this fishing stuff is all about! way to go!


Joined: 02/25/2011
Posts: 116
 12/31/2011 08:05 PM  

Great report!

Joined: 11/22/2011
Posts: 107
 12/31/2011 08:34 PM  

Glad you guys had a good trip, and help someone to hook a fish and love it, that's even better. Happy and healthy New Year to all!

Joined: 12/14/2011
Posts: 16
Location: Islip terrace
 12/31/2011 08:55 PM  

Great report Brian . Thanks for the shout out kid ....I shoulda fished this trip but i was a bum and had too many Shirley temples ! Glad you whipped em Kidd see you soon BOAT VETERAN !

Joined: 06/26/2011
Posts: 1082
 12/31/2011 09:30 PM  

Yeah man, me and Frankie where wondering what happened to u, as u already heard, it was a GOOD trip, I'll be seeing u soon

Joined: 09/02/2007
Posts: 269
 01/01/2012 09:04 AM  

Well done bro!

Joined: 03/07/2001
Posts: 2993
Location: 1000 Nautical Miles West of the Flemish Cap
 01/01/2012 11:23 AM  

You caught the kid! He's hooked now. That's better than a catch of 100 biscuits! Way to go, Brian! upupup

Capt. Jerry - SPORTFISHING ON LONG ISLAND Instructional Classes

Joined: 02/04/2006
Posts: 29404
Location: Raritan Bay NY
 01/02/2012 03:55 AM  

SIMMO wrote:

Glad you guys had a good trip, and help someone to hook a fish and love it, that's even better. Happy and healthy New Year to all!


Joined: 10/29/2011
Posts: 102
Location: Where The Big Bass Are
 09/02/2012 08:49 AM  

nice tripup
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