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Date posted September 19, 2010 8:17 AM
Posted by mlanger
Report location New York > North Shore > cedar beach, mt. sinai
Fishing method Surf
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great day again. a lot of porgies,snappers, and BLACKFISH!very early to be catching blackfish. they were actually pretty big.also a ton of baitfish in the water.the fishing was great even when it was low tide. i definetly reccomend bringing kids here for some nice size snappers.

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Joined: 10/26/2002
Posts: 378
Location: North Shore
 09/19/2010 10:10 AM  

Blackfish opens Oct. 1?????


Joined: 05/06/2003
Posts: 6754
Location: Kings Park
 09/19/2010 10:41 AM  

Thanks for that information Boss...... Great place for the kids..ShadesShades

Joined: 10/22/2007
Posts: 186
 09/19/2010 02:26 PM  

I'm assuming he threw them back. I've never tried Cedar Beach but dont live too far so maybe I'll take the younguns out for a try there. Any recommendations as to tackle and good times to try it?

This post edited by jejton 02:27 PM 09/19/2010

Joined: 09/29/2003
Posts: 1143
Location: Bellport
 09/19/2010 08:34 PM  

Cedar Beach/Mt Sinai Harbor

Well, JEJTON... If you live fairly close and haven't yet explored it, you're doing yourself a disservice to be sure.
It is all a Brookhaven Town Park. Cedar Beach is the Sound-facing part and is great for traditional "wait till they show" Bluefishing and at times outstanding for night fishing for Stripers. There are uncountable short Porgies and Sea Robins, etc, on tiny clam pieces fished on a small hook near the bottom. Kids aren't the only ones who thrill to a fish every few minutes, however small.
There are snappers on the Sound beaches also and in season some modest-sized fluke, (the "keepers" of several years ago).
From the public dock and deep into the salt marshes of the Harbor itself is schoolie fishing for stripers that on frequent occassion is without equal. On a warm afternoon, casting a white 5" or 6" soft plastic with a white round leadhead(Bass Assassin? Sluggo?)
into the marsh banks is simply alot of fun. Blues of every size are in and out of the Harbor at various times of the year.
You can fish from the Town Dock at the southern end of the Harbor(Satterly's Landing?) in 3-5 feet of water and halfway through the outgoing be looking at totally bare, exposed mudflat.
Peg and I travel the 22 miles from the South Shore just to fish the back Harbor. We've been skunked real bad, and we've made out like bandits.
This place is it's own complete environment and it is certainly worth anyone's efforts to begin exploring it in the simplest of fashions, such as snapper fishing. Do yourself a favor and get by there.


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