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Date posted June 15, 2010 1:43 PM
Posted by Slug1959
Report location New York > Fire Island > South Shore
Fishing method Surf
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Baby Huey Goes Fishing

I was bored so I grabbed a 12 lb. test spinning rig with a handful of sandeel jigs, in order to do a little milk run of some favorite spots. At spot three was a beautiful black crowned night heron in broad daylight, that was so intent on snagging some prey it ignored me completely. I walked down along the cut to where it opened to a dark deeper bowl. As soon as I pitched the jig, I got tapped and set the hook in a fish big enough to take me under the dock. Eased it out, confident with fresh line and properly set drag, to see a nice fluke that looked to be just at or above 21 inches. I yelled to some fishermen to see if anyone had a net and the googan who came over didn't even realize there was a size limit. So I carefully walked the fish in the water to the nearest ramp about 30 yards away, beached the fish just above the waterline and handed the rod to the googan while I ran down the ramp and jumped the fence to retrieve my prize. By this time an elderly couple, one in a wheelchair, came to witness the spectacle. Just as I was reaching for the fishes gills the googan yanks the rod and the line breaks. Fish flops, I flail, get soaked and sandy and my prize escapes. One of the couple exclaimed the fish is RIGHT THERE, as if I was going to jump in five foot of water to save the day. At first I was PO'd, but then I had to see the humor in everything that happened and what a great time I had (must be Mr. Azaiter's influence). Changed clothes and brought some Popeye's over to my golfer buddy's apartment, no fish for me! I will now go spend 75 dollars on a boat and catch nothing but 16 inchers.

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