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Date posted October 22, 2009 11:48 AM
Posted by napster
Report location New York > Shinnecock > COIMBRA SHARKING GUSTO IV
Fishing method Boat
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OK I get a call from my buddy Brian from Gusto IV hey Chris headed out sharking on Wed with a small charter can you come along & help out?? Sure Pal my pleasure.. We head out of Shinnecock on the Gusto IV with Capt john Hyland & Brian and there charter Octivia & Leonora. set up at 8:30 on a very slow drift with light winds & sunny skies water temp was a cool 59 degres we set 3 rods out with the normal baits, start jigging for bluefin while we are drifting constantly hooking up ( with dog fish )AGGHHH. well enough of that jigging but to late the doggies followed our lures up & now start attacking our baits with avengence. As we keep pulling baits away from them & thinking about moving I drop a bait down that was already shredded up by a doggie & BAM the reel starts screaming & I mean screaming off Brian sets up on this fish & sets the hook FISH ON!!!! Shark on top of the water not jumping but thrashing all around after a 2 Hr fight we sink the steel into a nice THRESHER shark. After securing the big boy on the swim platform we start chasing the Bluefin tuna that was busting on top of the water the whole time we were fighting the shark. No hookups on bluefin even though we saw them coming out of the water we decide to head back to the barn. We weigh the Thresher in at Oaklands marina for a whopping 294 Lbs & over 12' long. WOW what a day out there & plenty of meat for everybody.. Nice fishing with you Brian and your fares.. Anybody that wants to go fishing on a really nice boat & great crew call Brian Hyland GUSTO IV Sportfishing Charters. www.Gusto

Me with Tail over 6'' long

on the swim platform

294 Lbs. Octiva & Leonora & Brian

Reading the scale hoping to break 300 Lbs


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Author Message

Joined: 02/04/2006
Posts: 29324
Location: Raritan Bay NY
 10/22/2009 12:50 PM  

WTG Chris....up

Joined: 09/01/2005
Posts: 16691
Location: Miller Place
 10/22/2009 12:56 PM  

nice fish


Joined: 04/23/2002
Posts: 16209
Location: Moriches
 10/22/2009 12:56 PM  


Awesome Chris Thanks for the steaks Shadesup


Joined: 09/08/2006
Posts: 28772
Location: Destroy a Country for your Greed makes sense
 10/22/2009 01:16 PM  


almost a lawyer

A country that dose not follow its own laws is not a country

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Joined: 02/14/2003
Posts: 100358
Location: 100/100
 10/22/2009 01:37 PM  

Nice upup

its a  tiger shark A WHAAT



Joined: 06/16/2009
Posts: 10
 10/22/2009 02:07 PM  

Awesome job guys!

Joined: 07/10/2009
Posts: 283
Location: Cedarhurst, NY
 10/22/2009 02:11 PM  

Never been off shore but really want to go... Can’t really afford a charter by myself though....

Joined: 05/28/2003
Posts: 6881
Location: Saint James
 10/22/2009 02:31 PM  


~Piker MacGyver, Noreast Piker ~ Never left

Joined: 01/15/2006
Posts: 330
 10/22/2009 03:51 PM  

how do thresher steaks taste???


Joined: 04/02/2008
Posts: 111
 10/22/2009 03:55 PM  

stepenko wrote:

If skinned and cleaned properly and in a timely manner it's great.
For me there's nothing I can compare it to, but i'd rather have a thresher steak than a swordfish steak

Joined: 10/06/2005
Posts: 403
Location: shinnecock
 10/22/2009 04:23 PM  

Thanks Chris for posting this and for your help. There is no way I would have gotten the fish to the scale with out your help.

One other note the largets fish primary angler has landed was a 15 pound striper and a 36 inch halibut. All he kept saying was you only see this stuff on TV!

I will post more photos on the shark board when I get them.

Joined: 12/07/2007
Posts: 6357
Location: Massapequa
 10/22/2009 05:25 PM  

Excellent, Chris, way to end the sharkin season upup! Plenty of steaks to last you through the winter Shades!

Flukehunter, if you're looking to get offshore, but can't get a crew together, keep an eye out next season in the Charters forum here on Noreast. There is always someone looking for someone to fill in on a trip, or you can try to set a trip up yourself. Also watch the Offshore forum, sometimes guys post trips, both charters and private guys looking for crew to share expenses, there also.

Somewhere in Chicago,a community is missing its organizer

Joined: 05/16/2005
Posts: 2435
Location: yaphank long island
 10/22/2009 07:31 PM  

nice work chris


check it out friends
Aquaholic Fishing

Joined: 09/11/2006
Posts: 10
 10/22/2009 08:22 PM  

Beautiful fish

Hey nice catch guys. I guess that Fall bite is this on. Good job!

Joined: 10/01/2001
Posts: 15432
Location: ><)))):> ~~ THE JAMAICA BAY TRIANGLE ~~ <:))))><
 10/22/2009 08:31 PM  

surprise Shades up,, ><Wink))):> ~~~ ><Wink))):>


Joined: 09/10/2005
Posts: 3983
 10/22/2009 09:16 PM  


congrats chris and crew thats some beautiful thresher, hope to see you soon buddy.

Joined: 03/23/2007
Posts: 2254
Location: In the country
 10/22/2009 09:54 PM  

Excellent, Chris, way to end the sharkin season upup! Plenty of steaks to last you through the winter Shades!

Jay, Thanks but i'm not done yet buddy gonna try to get out at least 1 or 2 more times for a weekday shark trip/bluefin. send me a PM if you want to jump aboard.. I still have a freezer full of great baits Eg: tunas, blues, squid, chum, bunker, mackrel, herring, butters!!
you wanna go just shoot me a PM. that offer is for any of my friends on Noreast

RUM is the answer....
What was the question

Joined: 12/23/2006
Posts: 540
 10/22/2009 10:49 PM  


"Don't worry,everything will be fine,you'll see"

Joined: 03/23/2007
Posts: 2254
Location: In the country
 10/23/2009 12:18 PM  

some action shots & pictures cleaned up

RUM is the answer....
What was the question

Joined: 12/07/2007
Posts: 6357
Location: Massapequa
 10/23/2009 05:23 PM  

I'd love to Chris, thank you very much for the offer Shades. Weekdays are usually tough for me though Roll. Either way, hope you get another one, only about twice as big surpriseup!

Somewhere in Chicago,a community is missing its organizer
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