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Date posted March 22, 2009 10:06 AM
Posted by frankiesurf
Report location New York > North Shore > a big puddle
Fishing method Surf
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I got out this morning right at false dawn. It was just starting to get light at my first cast.

I was on the hunt for some trout at a spot I had only scouted out on the way past a few times. I knew the depth and where the structure was. Last time I was there, without a rod of course, I actually saw the fish where they were holding. I figure it would be a piece of cake.

Someone must have stolen the cake because I tried every lure and spinner I had and got nothing. I ran back to my car and grabbed my bagel, a couple of hooks and a bobber. I had not done this in like ten years but I wanted something to show for my efforts.

I baited up, set my depth and made my cast. I was standing on a platform about four feet up from the water. That was my mistake. I don't know what I was thinking. Within two minutes of my bobber hitting the water, it dove beneath the surface. I gave it a second and set the hook. Miss!! I let it sit for a moment and it went under again. I waited until I felt weight and THEN set the hook. FISH ON!

Just so you know, I am using an ultra-light rod with two pound mono. My little rod was bent over. The fish slowed and came back at me. At this point I jumped down off my perch down to the waters edge where I was at a concrete conduit that was in front of three feet of clear water. As I got down there this fish passed me. It was a pretty good size Brown Bullhead. I saw this thing pass and kept pressure on it. The problem was, as I jumped down he was able to gain ground on me and get into the conduit, breaking my line off.

That would have been my first cat of any kind.

I didn't get a tap for the remainder of my time there. I did see a bass in such shallow water, his fins were up. He passed by twice but wouldn't eat.

Live and learn.

Capt. Tony Cecco - 516 639-6767

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Capt. Joe - Moriches, NY
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Joined: 09/24/2004
Posts: 907
Location: Sayville Salt Water
 03/22/2009 01:36 PM  

Be careful picking up those bullheads, they have razor sharp fins.

Joined: 05/26/2007
Posts: 1160
 03/22/2009 03:26 PM  

If I ever land one I will keep that in mind. No worries yet thoughRoll

Joined: 11/21/2004
Posts: 2282
Location: Moses to MTK
 03/22/2009 06:50 PM  

Most bullhead stings are from their side fins. Some experience pain and swelling worse than bee stings and may last a week. I know first hand. Treat with vinegar as a jellyfish sting.

Bob Eisey,  LIBBA 1002,  MSA 295

Joined: 08/26/2002
Posts: 27
 03/23/2009 02:38 AM  

Grabbing bullheads

My grandfather taught me how to grab bullheads when I was a kid. Grab them coming from behind, moving toward the head just after they raise those spines (the first bones of those three fins) so that the top (dorsal) fin is kept extended up by the web in between your index and middle fingers while thumb and ring fingers get the side (pectoral) fins.
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