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Date posted April 2, 2007 12:59 PM
Posted by ckonkol
Report location Massachusetts > Helen H
Fishing method Boat
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Helen H 3/31-4/1

After a few months of waiting I finally was able to go fishing. Our trip got postponed 2 hours due to the weather. The ride out was nice for the 1st part then it got pretty sloppy. I wasn't able to get much sleep because of being air born a few times. We started fishing at a little after 9:30. We were drifting in over 300ft of water with the cape still in sight. I started jigging with nothing to show for it. There were a few redfish caught on this drift. The next couple were slow as well. We moved further east still in deep water. I switched over to bait and got a nice cod. The guy next to me was jigging and was getting a lot of hits so I decided to put on a lav16 with a blue fly. As soon as I dropped down I got a double of nice cod. My dad and Eben switched to jigs soon after. The weather slowly calmed down from being really rough on day 1 to nice and calm. My total for day 1 was 10cod releases and 2 keeper haddock. All my fish were on the jig except 1 cod. My dad had a couple released cod and a 10 haddock or so along with Eben. We stopped fishing at about 8:30.

Day 2 started out with beautiful weather. It was like a pond out there on Stellwagen's. We started fishing just before sun up. The Viking was in the area as well. I started fishing the same as what I left with yesterday the lav16 and blue cod fly. My dad and Eben were clam soaking it. They picked a few haddock. Over all the 1st few drifts and kind of seemed like it would be a bit of a bust but it was still early. We hit one spot that as soon as my jig would touch bottom i was on and up would come doubles of nice cod. My dad and Eben quickly switched over to jigging. The fish were an average of 7-10lb. I had 11 cod at this drift all on jigs releasing all the cod under 26inches. Right before we moved to another spot a huge wolf in my opinion came up. It was just over 20pounds. That was caught on bait. We had 23 cod in the boat by 8:30.

The next spots were a little slow with a cod coming up here and there. Then we hit another lock and load spot. Jigs bailed the cod. I got another 10 keepers here up to 13pounds. I had a double that ended up being a 13 and 12 and was hopping it was that illusive 20pound cod I've been looking for for a few years now. But I was wrong. These 2 cod put me now at my limit. Eben had one coming up on a jig that he knew wasn't a cod. He thought it might be a haddock but to his surprise it was a 10pound wolf. He thought about lifting it but Matty came to gaff it and as soon as it hit the deck out came the hook. We were trying to figure out if it was caught because the jig was in the wolfs territory or because there was a piece of clam on the jig. Later my dad decided to dunk a clam and he got a nice cod of 15 and a half pounds. His biggest of the day. My total of the day was 22 cod only retaining my limit plus a big toad fish that inhaled the jig that i released as well. My dad and Eben also had their limit of cod. Our total for the day was 30 cod 3 haddock and a wolf. The fishing was amazing in my book. Some of the best I have seen and had an excellent 2 days of fishing. Capt. Joe and crew did a great job taking care of putting us on fish and taking care of gaffing, removing tangles and other stuff. I believe Matty said we had 400 cod in the boat. I can't wait to get out fishing again.

Eben's Wolf

Me with a nice Double

Eben and I with some fish

My dad with a nice Pair

Our group

Me with our catch

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Joined: 03/22/2005
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Location: New Windsor, NY
 04/02/2007 03:26 PM  

How about a nice toothy smile


Joined: 04/17/2002
Posts: 733
Location: mass. cove
 04/02/2007 11:10 PM  

thats a great report wish i cou;lld of been there great to see your efforts paid offf ken nice teeth

Joined: 04/07/2006
Posts: 10966
Location: This Avatar has been Approved by whats her name
 04/03/2007 09:10 AM  

Thanks for the report Chris: Nice looking catch, you look way to happy there. LOL. Even though I only tuna fish, I like to know what is out there. Fish species, whales, dolphin sharks etc. Helps me make decisions, where to start fishing when the season starts. Smile. Glad you had a good trip.




 "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass; it's about learning to dance in the rain."

Joined: 03/22/2005
Posts: 2025
Location: New Windsor, NY
 04/03/2007 10:44 AM  

Thanks guys. That was one of the best cod trips I've been on. On the 1st day we saw whales all day. I'm not sure what kind but they were out there off wild cat knoll.
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