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Date posted July 30, 2017 9:41 AM
Posted by BlackRose
Report location Offshore > Cape Cod
Fishing method Boat
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After the time on the water last week, have to consolidate a report. But I'll be thorough, so enjoy. In the past two weeks, I've had a run and a half of good success. Ok, amazing times on the water.

Firstly, WE WON THE NORTH ATLANTIC MONSTER SHARK TOURNEY with a 360# thresher. We fished hard the second day with the most amazing weather. We released 15 blue sharks and one mako....The thresher came on a dead pogy, hung on the far balloon.... What a first run and jump. Of course, that meant that the next hour was tense, knowing that we had a big fish on the line. But we persisted and took first! Great feeling.

So, the sharks are biting. Check. Fishing Stellwagen Bank, we took out the big rods and went giant tuna fishing....After driving around and realizing that dogfish occupied the area I wanted, I moved a few miles.....10 minutes later two rods double over and the battle is on. Live mackerel was the ticket and within an hour, two giants were laying on the deck of the Black Rose. With good anglers, we were able to fight one out of the gunwhale and one on standup, from the bow. That flexibility made all of the difference.

Giant tuna. Check. Next trip, we went running and gunning for tuna....On the first spot we tried, we had a thousand dolphin feeding with tuna around....Within 10 minutes, we had a fish on! Spinning gear, 61" fish was brought to the boat and harpooned by my customer. He drilled it!

Football tuna. Check. So we run around again on the next trip....looking for tuna...What do we find? White marlin cruising the surface....100's of them! No luck on the casting to them, but still super cool.

White marlin.. Check. With a storm blowing and arriving later in the day, we hit some inshore spots off of Cape Cod for black sea bass... What do we find? Tautog (blackfish) chewing on jigs...We almost limited out on tog, while hammering sea bass and scup all day. On trout gear, these fish are a blast. With jigs, there is no bait to deal with. In fact, some of the biggest fish came on a bucktail with a 9" eel tail!

Black sea bass and blackfish. Check. Running around Stellwagen Bank....I had a crew that was ready to run+gun....great anglers, but I still wanted live bait "just in case".... After a lot of gas burned, I was called into a feed by Got Stryper Charters.... big fish....Topwater? Sure, I feel that we can tackle anything on spinning gear now... We had a few blowups on topwater lures, but I still kept the big rods in the loop. If you know me, I am on my roof a lot looking with binoculars....I come off of the roof and look at the sonar. "Is anyone jigging deep?" "No." I marked a fish 150' down.....streaking up and heading back down. I had an 80 Okuma Makaira rigged and dropped it down. Instantly the line was ripped out of my hand and I bumped the drag up to strike..The rod tip hit the water and the battle was on. One insane run and the tuna pulled the hook. It was awesome to feel it's power.... At the "Ok, let's get going" time of the day, we got hit again.. Big fish, but not the same tuna run.....After about 15 minutes, we see a huge porbeagle shark on the line, hooked in the corner of the mouth. We release a 350# beagle and are off for the day. In 100' of water! That's by far the shallowest I've ever seen a porbeagle....

Run and gun/giant fishing with success. Check. So we try to do it all on Friday...I bring giant gear. I have run+gun gear on board... I have shark gear.. And I have haddock gear. Welcome to my insanity. Enough rods to equip a fleet. No luck in the first hour of the day, fishing for giants. We missed the bite by two hours (but we weren't going to sit there for three hours fishing for giants, but it was well worth the quick try.) Moving to my haddock spot, we found a lot of haddock..every drop we got a fish, but lots of small fish.. The dogfish would find us after 30 minutes, so we would move a bit. The spots have been good, so we stuck around... We lost a few big sharks, then we hooked up nice....Well, poor porbeagle met it's maker and guys went home with a really nice eating shark. But the big news!!! We drifted off of my numbers by a mile while fighting the shark.... With the day "made", we kept fishing and found the motherload of really big haddock. Every drop was met instantly with a big haddock. UNTIL WE LIMITED OUT!

So, awesome anticipation of giant tuna fishing. Check. Fast groundfish action. Check. Shark for the freezer. Check. A limit of big haddock. Check.

THE WEATHER LOOKS GOOD THIS WEEK AND I HAVE ROOM, SO CALL OR TEXT CAPT. RICH AT 508-269-1882. Whatever you want to catch, it's here for you!

giant tuna

porbeagle shark

run and gun tuna

sea bass

Captain Michael Potts
Click here or call 631-668-9323

King Cod
Capt. Joe - Moriches, NY
Wreck Fishing Year Round, Open Boat
631-475-1060 - Click Here

Capt. Tony Cecco - 516 639-6767

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Joined: 12/15/2005
Posts: 304
Location: Plymouth, MA
 08/01/2017 09:00 AM  

I'm running open boats for tuna on Wed and Thursday and a mixed bag trip on Friday (sea bass, tog, trigger, tuna, white marlin, mahi-mahi...whatever we can catch!) Call or text 508-269-1882

Capt. Rich Antonino
Black Rose Fishing Charters
Specializing in small private and shared charters.  Casting and jigging for tuna.  Cod/haddock. Life is short, so have fun out there.
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