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Date posted April 20, 2017 2:35 PM
Posted by vevfisher
Report location New York Bight > Staten Island Raritan Bay
Fishing method Boat
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27 big fish on the Ho-Jo's today. These rigs were killers today. Kept the first 3 for the table.

Water Temperature: 52 degrees

23 feet of water, 145 feet of braided line.

Using 10/5oz Tandems: White & Pink were the ticket.

Percy''s House (aka House of Ho-Jo)


Ho-Jo Fish

Restless Lady Charters
Ocean City, Maryland/Talbot St Pier
Offshore charters-Tuna Marlin Shark

SST, TrueColor, Chlorophyll
Altimetry and Currents data. $99/yr

Sunrise Charters
Stripers, Blues, Fluke, Blackfish
Smithtown Bay LI Sound 631-786-7745

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Author Message

Joined: 11/01/2013
Posts: 36
Location: Wantagh, NY / Lindenhurst, NY
 04/20/2017 06:28 PM  

Great catches, how big were they????

Joined: 10/01/2001
Posts: 16302
Location: ><)))):> ~~ THE JAMAICA BAY TRIANGLE ~~ <:))))><
 04/20/2017 07:26 PM  

3 upupups up guys,, nice,,, all stay well,, catch them up,,,,,,,><(((:> ~~~~ ><(((:>


Joined: 01/01/2008
Posts: 3134
Location: On the Edge
 04/20/2017 08:05 PM  

Nice slobs look 40+up
HoJo's. Hmm. Lead head with a shute.

Gone fishin

Joined: 02/11/2015
Posts: 9
 04/21/2017 06:26 AM  

Unbelievably great job!

Congratulations, while it's still very hard to have them bite, you guys did it perfectly!
Could you please let me know the set up, what does "Using 10/5oz Tandems" mean and how you set that up, and where is your store so I can buy the lures and the 10/5oz Tandems?
Thank you in advance!

Joined: 01/07/2002
Posts: 98
 04/21/2017 02:30 PM  

Email me directly for info.

These new rigs will make you the "BestFisher" for sure.

The new Ho-Jo's are a step up from your regular MoJo's.
1) We use a swinging hook for more realistic action
2) We implant rattles in the tails
3) We inject the shads with Berkley Alive Squid
4) Every 9" shad has glued-on eyes
5) All heads are powder coated to last forever (many colors to pick)
6) Tandem rigs come on a rigging reel with snap swivels for easy storage and changing of the Ho's on the fly
7) We use the finest nylon hairs and mylars and plenty of it.

They look, smell and sound better than your average MoJo.
All hand made to order at Percy's house. Full info can be found on The Fisherman's Garage on Facebook
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