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Date posted February 13, 2017 6:56 PM
Posted by fishhead1985
Report location Traveling Angler > Warmup for Costa Rica in California
Fishing method Boat
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I went fishing for four days in Costa Rica on vacation. Prior to that, I flew to California to meet my family; my first trip to the states for three years.

During my week in California, I decided to "warm up" for Costa Rica with some pier fishing, as well as a boat trip. Took my friend sculpin fishing, his first boat fishing trip, and got surprised by a big triggerfish near the end. Enjoy!

8 pound finescale triggerfish

Tim with California Sculpin

A visitor

Topsmelt on jig

Not mine

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Striped Trash

Joined: 11/02/2001
Posts: 848
Location: San Clemente, CA Formally Cold Spring Haba
 02/17/2017 10:57 AM  

If you are even in California this time of year again do a 1 day trip down to Collnet. Boats leave from SD and it's an overnight trip. This time of year there is amazing fishing for big 20-40lb yellowtail, Ling Cod and there is even some bluefin around.

Sucks Rockfishing is closed in CA from Jan 1 to March 1 so there isn't much to fish for.


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Joined: 08/29/2009
Posts: 1667
Location: The World
 02/21/2017 05:59 AM  


Thanks for pointing that out, Striped Trash Smile Smile ! I actually HAVE been fortunate enough to experience the rockfish, yellowtail, and lingcod fishing that you are talking about, both at the Channel Islands and in Mexican waters (Can't overlook whitefish and sheepshead, either). I was living out West a few years ago before I left the country for good. During that time, I went on about half a dozen overnights and several shorter trips. Here are some pics; was quite a bit chubbier in 2013-early 2014 than I am now. LOL.

It really is phenomenal fishing, too. Now that being said, sculpin are not a bad second, as they are pretty much the only game in town, barring the rock cod fishery in Mexican waters. They are pretty scrappy fighters, and that trigger certainly gave me a shock (was lucky to land it; captain just managed to gaff it before a 400 pound bull sea lion could get it)!

You can also legally retain species on those Mexican trips that are prohibited in California waters with a Mexican permit. As it was, since I was Costa Rica bound the following week (and California was primarily a family vacation) I just had no time to get down to San Diego!

I do hope (on a distant vacation) to experience long range tuna/yellowtail/mahi, and also to cage dive with great white sharks at Guadalupe Island one day.

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