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Date posted February 13, 2017 6:40 PM
Posted by fishhead1985
Report location Traveling Angler > Costa Rica: Childhood Dream Come True
Fishing method Boat
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I know it has been a long time, but I wanted to share this report, above all others with you nonetheless. It is the report that I have wanted to share with you since I joined this site about eight years ago, and doubtless, long before.

As some of you know, I left the US three years ago, and am happily living and teaching abroad. I have been fortunate enough to travel to places like Cambodia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand (where I have gone four times for freshwater big game fishing).

However, a few weeks ago, my true childhood dream came true when (following a week with my family in California), I flew down to Quepos, Costa Rica, for four days of fishing with Quepos Fishing Adventure, a very affordable and rightly renowned fishing operation (as well as some wildlife watching for animals like sloths, monkeys, and wild pigs. I had dreamed of doing this since I was nine or ten, and now, I finally got my chance.

The fish did not disappoint. Over the ensuing days, thanks to a wonderful captain and mate, I fished both inshore and offshore. During this time, I managed over 40 fish, including my first two sailfish, one of which I got in the water with after catching (Quite tipsy, no less), a snook, 16 roosterfish to over 40 pounds (my new favorite fish!), 3 delicious pacific mangrove snappers, 3 DELICIOUS pacific cubera snapper up to 30 pounds, as well as lots of Spanish mackerel (which made for great sashimi, lots of hard-fighting, underappreciated pacific crevalle jacks, and even a surprise saltwater catfish! Sails, roosters, and crevalle were all released. If you go to Costa Rica, you should undoubtedly go with this amazing operation!


49" Roosterfish (Released)

Spanish Mackerel

30 pound Pacific Cubera in 12'' of water

43" Rooster

Open Boat Fishing Out of

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Altimetry and Currents data. $99/yr

Stony Brook Charters
LI North Shore Sportfishing
631-275-6700 - Capt. Bob Simon

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Author Message

Joined: 11/17/2006
Posts: 54
 02/15/2017 02:45 PM  


Nice Fish all! Great pix!

thanks for sharing your experiences!


Joined: 08/29/2009
Posts: 1667
Location: The World
 02/15/2017 06:25 PM  


Thanks. I also wanted to share these great pictures that the captain took of the big rooster as it was coming up. I think they are pound for pound the hardest fighting and most amazing gamefish that I have been privileged to experience.


Joined: 10/26/2005
Posts: 123
 02/15/2017 10:55 PM  

upup Wow!!! looks like to had a great time, great pictures dude

Joined: 05/10/2006
Posts: 78
 02/19/2017 01:51 PM  

awesome upupupReallyReallyReally nice fish
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