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Today's Reports by Method
Location Area State Method  Author Date
Reef Fire Island NY Boat bigguyfishing 06/27/17 03:02 PM
Viking Fleet Montauk Jumbo Porgies and Sea Bass Montauk NY Boat VikingFleet 06/27/17 03:04 PM
Hemp. reef, Cholera Debs/Jones NY Boat Captcorncobb 06/27/17 03:18 PM
Lady Flamingo- Excellent day of big blues New York Bight NY Boat Cubajohn 06/27/17 03:24 PM
Lady Flamingo New York Bight NY Boat SiFishing 06/27/17 04:16 PM
CAPTREE PRIDE FULL BOAT SEA BASS LIMITS Fire Island NY Boat Captkenhiggins 06/27/17 04:40 PM
STARSTREAM SENIORS 1/2 DAY FLUKING MONDAY JUNE 26, 2017 Debs/Jones NY Boat fishermangeorge 06/27/17 04:42 PM
KING COD...6/27, SeaBass, Jumbo LIing, & Pollock!!! Moriches NY Boat captjoekingcod 06/27/17 04:52 PM
Ocean Eagle - Fluke 21 K's New York Bight NY Boat Billy40 06/27/17 05:19 PM
MONTAUK STAR Montauk NY Boat sportsman625 06/27/17 05:40 PM
Yankee Offshore NY Boat 2Jewels 06/27/17 05:47 PM
1/2 Day Fluke Montauk NY Boat VikingFleet 06/27/17 06:08 PM
6/27 Come Down to the Island Current Fleet...City Island Finest Western Sound NY Boat islandcurrent 06/27/17 06:12 PM
CODFATHER CHARTERS Debs/Jones NY Boat mbarnett 06/27/17 07:05 PM
Miss Montauk II Full Day Fluke! Montauk NY Boat dragonflies 06/27/17 07:25 PM
FIN CHASER OPENING DAY SEA FLUKE and SCUP Montauk NY Boat FinChaserII 06/27/17 07:35 PM
Sound Bound Fishing. Porgy and SeaBass. Western Sound NY Boat Sound Bound 06/27/17 07:43 PM
FISH ON II..6/27 SEABASS,LING AND FLUKE!! Moriches NY Boat SteveFishOn 06/27/17 07:54 PM
Opening day sea bass on the Montauk star Montauk NY Boat jorch007 06/27/17 08:39 PM
MONTAUK STAR Montauk NY Boat sportsman625 06/27/17 08:50 PM
6/27 Moo Moo Zebra Attack...Island Current Fleet...City Island, NY Western Sound NY Boat islandcurrent 06/27/17 08:55 AM
INLET Debs/Jones NY Boat MANATEE1219 06/27/17 09:23 AM
Sound Bound. Night Bass and Blues. Fish to 27lbs. Western Sound NY Boat Sound Bound 06/27/17 09:30 AM
CAPTREE PRIDE Fire Island NY Boat captlb 06/27/17 10:54 AM
LAURA LEE 8AM TRIP FULL BOAT LIMIT SEA BASS! Fire Island NY Boat renee 06/27/17 12:29 PM

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