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898 Reports posted in the last 30 days
Location Area State Method Author Date 
LADY M CHARTERS /OPEN BOAT New York Bight NY Boat capsjf 10/21/14 09:43 PM
PRIMETIME3 ORIENT TOG AND SEABASS ! North Fork NY Boat primetime3 10/21/14 09:17 PM
Laura Lee Wreckathon Part 2 Fire Island NY Boat canoeman 10/21/14 09:09 PM
POP Charters- Port Jeff North Shore NY Boat Popcharters 10/21/14 08:53 PM
Laura Lee Wreck Marathon Fire Island NY Boat canoeman 10/21/14 08:48 PM
Montauk Montauk NY Surf dankane 10/21/14 08:22 PM
SMIthtown Reef North Shore NY Boat TRUCKIE162 10/21/14 08:02 PM
FISH ON II:BLACK FISH,SEABASS & STRIPERS Moriches NY Boat SteveFishOn 10/21/14 07:43 PM
FISH ON:COD.SEABASS & BLACKFISH Moriches NY Boat SteveFishOn 10/21/14 07:37 PM
50' water off lido Debs/Jones NY Boat aross375 10/21/14 07:25 PM
Montauk Sportfishing report – Falsie Alarm Montauk NY Boat Capt. Gene 10/21/14 07:20 PM
KING COD...Super GIANT Seabass, Blackfish, & COD!!!!! Moriches NY Boat captjoekingcod 10/21/14 07:11 PM
Near Captains Island Western Sound NY Boat JoeBfishing 10/21/14 06:58 PM
Inside the point Montauk NY Boat MistyTom 10/21/14 06:55 PM
BROOKLYNVI, Tuesday, Late, Great Bite, PICS New York Bight NY Boat RussSanta 10/21/14 06:50 PM
BrooklynVI Great day of Bluefishing New York Bight NY Boat gevans 10/21/14 06:42 PM
CAPT ROB - BROOKLYN VI All Out Epic New York Bight NY Boat nealfox 10/21/14 05:51 PM
Moondancing with Frankie Drums! Montauk NY Boat Moondance 10/21/14 05:17 PM
CAPT LOU VII GORILLA BLUES AND GOLIATH SEABASS Debs/Jones NY Boat CaptainLouFleet 10/21/14 05:12 PM
CAPTREE PRINCESS Fire Island NY Boat FWFLAD 10/21/14 04:47 PM
Stony Brook Charters - Sea bass North Shore NY Boat Dusky25Bob 10/21/14 04:26 PM
huntington North Shore NY Boat edbass 10/21/14 04:06 PM
Tuesday October 21st Montauk NY Boat VikingFleet 10/21/14 03:55 PM
Viking Fleet Montauk NY Boat VikingFleet 10/21/14 03:39 PM

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