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49 Reports posted in the last 30 days
Location Area State Method Author Date 
Marathon-Fla Traveling Angler Traveling Angler Boat dieselgrady 02/12/16 11:40 AM
stony brook North Shore NY Boat DaColonelCB 02/10/16 09:16 AM
Ultralight Pickerel fishing a 40ft Ice Hole Massachusetts MA Surf fishing247 02/08/16 08:20 PM
King Cod offshore Cod & Wrecks Moriches NY Boat jjwyaht 02/08/16 11:16 AM
FiISH ON:6/7 GOOD COD ACTION TODAY!!! Moriches NY Boat SteveFishOn 02/07/16 11:02 PM
KING COD...Sun. 2/7 Cod!!! Moriches NY Boat captjoekingcod 02/07/16 06:26 PM
Island Current Saturday 6th February Offshore RI Boat islandcurrent 02/07/16 11:12 AM
KING COD..Sat 2/6 Cod!!! Moriches NY Boat captjoekingcod 02/06/16 05:33 PM
Viking Local Cod Montauk NY Boat VikingFleet 02/06/16 04:41 PM
Akumel Mexico Traveling Angler Traveling Angler Surf whalers89 02/05/16 06:39 AM
Capt. Ron Key West Offshore Traveling Angler Boat CptRonO 02/04/16 07:38 AM
Island Current III February 2nd Offshore RI Boat islandcurrent 02/03/16 06:59 PM
Miss Montauk II Cod Montauk NY Boat dragonflies 02/03/16 04:02 PM
KING COD...Cod, Pollock, Ling!!! Moriches NY Boat captjoekingcod 02/02/16 06:47 PM
Viking Local Cod Montauk NY Boat VikingFleet 02/02/16 04:53 PM
Winter Trout Fly Fishing the Swift River Massachusetts MA Surf fishing247 02/01/16 11:15 PM
Viking Fivestar-Local Cod Montauk NY Boat VikingFleet 02/01/16 03:22 PM
FISH ON: COD WRECK TRIPS!! Moriches NY Boat SteveFishOn 02/01/16 10:40 AM
Purerto Rico Fire Island NY Boat jrfluke46 02/01/16 09:42 AM
Hudson River Hudson River NY Surf Jillybird 01/31/16 10:58 PM
KING COD...Cod/Wreck Trips Moriches NY Boat captjoekingcod 01/31/16 08:22 PM
Island Current III January 31st Offshore RI Boat islandcurrent 01/31/16 05:41 PM
Viking Local Cod Montauk NY Boat VikingFleet 01/31/16 04:39 PM
Beaverdam Moriches NY Boat Captfantastic 01/31/16 03:23 PM

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