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178 Reports posted in the last 30 days
Location Area State Method Author Date 
Quiet in the Western Soumd Western Sound NY Boat Firenailer 04/27/15 04:31 PM
BROOKLYN VI striped bass New York Bight NY Boat brooklynsquid 04/27/15 11:24 AM
Hudson River Hudson River NY Surf striperkingcrab 04/27/15 08:37 AM
Karen Ann Charters New York Bight NY Boat CaptVCKAC 04/27/15 05:19 AM
Good Start New York Bight NY Boat ELIASV 04/26/15 11:29 PM
Captree Pride Fire Island NY Boat ekihss 04/26/15 11:01 PM
J-Bay kayak schoolies New York Bight NY Boat Iplayfair 04/26/15 10:27 PM
Captree Princess Cod Mania pt2 Offshore NY Boat gojoe30 04/26/15 10:21 PM
Captree Princess Cod Mania Offshore NY Boat gojoe30 04/26/15 09:49 PM
Western North Shore Western North Shore NY Surf deejfisher 04/26/15 09:21 PM
No Time Bass Limit Debs/Jones NY Boat NT3434 04/26/15 08:48 PM
Rockfish Charters Bass Limit + Flounder New York Bight NY Boat JACKSON 04/26/15 08:34 PM
LORI C. STONY BROOK North Shore NY Boat LoriCfishing 04/26/15 08:19 PM
Central South Shore Central South Shore NY Surf castro63182 04/26/15 07:14 PM
Team TCB Back Bay massacre Raritan Bay NJ Surf sisurfstar 04/26/15 06:59 PM
Laura Lee Fleet Captree Fire Island NY Boat CaptreeRich 04/26/15 06:32 PM
Caraftis Fishing Station, P.J...Boat Rentals B & T 631-473-2288 North Shore NY Boat tttcc3 04/26/15 06:12 PM
Western South Shore Western South Shore NY Surf RealTauk 04/26/15 05:27 PM
Karen Ann we got em... New York Bight NY Boat ReEfDoNkEY 04/26/15 02:52 PM
Western South Shore Western South Shore NY Surf fishkiller01 04/26/15 02:27 PM
Raritan bay New York Bight NY Boat jfisherman1983 04/26/15 12:49 PM
GSB Fire Island NY Boat plecofish 04/26/15 12:01 PM
South Fork South Fork NY Surf ghostrider 04/26/15 11:00 AM
Better with the flatties Western Sound NY Boat OnTheRocks79 04/25/15 10:39 PM
western south shore Debs/Jones NY Boat ThisIsReelLife 04/25/15 10:13 PM

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