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1019 Reports posted in the last 30 days
Location Area State Method Author Date 
Marilyn Jean Charters JUMBO SEABASS!!!! New York Bight NY Boat JACKSON 08/23/14 08:06 AM
Viking Fleet Friday August 22th Montauk NY Boat VikingFleet 08/23/14 07:04 AM
BROOKLYN GIRL North Fork NY Boat tunaboy33 08/23/14 02:14 AM
Orient Pt - BROOKLYN GIRL - Huge Sea Bass and Scup! North Fork NY Boat BrooklynGirl 08/23/14 12:16 AM
No Time Week recap Debs/Jones NY Boat NT3434 08/22/14 10:55 PM
FISH ON II 8/22 JUMBO SCUP SLAM! Moriches NY Boat SteveFishOn 08/22/14 08:39 PM
FISH ON 8/22 JUMBO SCUP & FLUKE Moriches NY Boat SteveFishOn 08/22/14 08:25 PM
Fin Chaser II Sea Bass Montauk NY Boat FinChaserII 08/22/14 07:47 PM
Friday August 22nd 2014 Rhode Island RI Boat Francesflt 08/22/14 07:42 PM
Cod smackdown on the charter boat BREAKAWAY Montauk NY Boat capant11772 08/22/14 07:22 PM
rosie Moriches NY Boat Bullfrog 08/22/14 07:18 PM
SEA ROGUE CHARTERS Debs/Jones NY Boat BuccaneerBob 08/22/14 06:51 PM
OCEAN FLUKE CAPT. LOU VII Debs/Jones NY Boat CaptainLouFleet 08/22/14 06:40 PM
ROSIE GOODS MIXED BAG 8/22 Moriches NY Boat fishrman 08/22/14 05:37 PM
KING COD II...Tough fishing in the wind Moriches NY Boat captjoekingcod 08/22/14 05:00 PM
Rosie on the Meat!!!! Moriches NY Boat tiedye99 08/22/14 04:58 PM
Viking Local Porgies and Sea Bass Montauk NY Boat VikingFleet 08/22/14 04:57 PM
BrooklynVI. All day, non-stop, Big Blues. New York Bight NY Boat RussSanta 08/22/14 04:21 PM
VIking Night Striped Montauk NY Boat VikingFleet 08/22/14 03:52 PM
LOCAL MEATBUS- Great South Bay Fire Island NY Boat capeman 08/22/14 03:39 PM
PRIMETIME3 ORIENT POINT SEABASS / PORGY GET SOME ! North Fork NY Boat primetime3 08/22/14 03:02 PM
Brooklyn VI Steady Bluefishing New York Bight NY Boat gevans 08/22/14 02:50 PM
Laura Lee Fleet. Fluke and Sea bass. Fire Island NY Boat CaptreeRich 08/22/14 02:48 PM
The Perfect Family Fishing Day Debs/Jones NY Boat oseas 08/22/14 02:37 PM
DANI-LINS PRINCESS Debs/Jones NY Boat solemann 08/22/14 01:47 PM

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