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Location Area State Method Author Date 
Ling and cod New York Bight NY Boat CaptainDave1 03/08/09 09:15 PM
CODTASTIC YESTERDAY ON THE MISS MONTAUK Montauk NY Boat StrippedBassNut 03/08/09 09:02 PM
Bluefin IV Drop and you gotem cod!!! Montauk NY Boat togilator 03/08/09 08:43 PM
cross river New York Bight NY Surf bushwickmike 03/08/09 08:41 PM
Blue Fin cod fantastic Montauk NY Boat gevans 03/08/09 07:38 PM
SE of Block Island Montauk NY Boat Finatic4 03/08/09 07:24 PM
Montauk/ Capt. Lou Montauk NY Boat RMBUDMAN 03/08/09 06:54 PM
OCEANIA CHARTER MONTAUK Montauk NY Boat seahag2 03/08/09 06:33 PM
capt lou Montauk NY Boat outskiyou324 03/08/09 05:13 PM
ROSIE!!! OH MY COD!!! Montauk NY Boat fishrman 03/08/09 05:12 PM
Shhhh North Shore NY Surf vinnydclubz 03/08/09 05:03 PM
Bluefin IV -- COD Montauk NY Boat HABS 03/08/09 04:39 PM
Conny Fire Island NY Fly Fishing TOMMYBOY1 03/08/09 04:27 PM
Poly line in the East Cut Moriches NY Boat KayakFisherman 03/08/09 02:29 PM
Fishing The Rosie Montauk NY Boat tieingoneon 03/08/09 12:59 PM
Seaotter Montauk NY Boat makos4912 03/08/09 12:41 PM
capt lou 6 Montauk NY Boat jfishmaster1 03/08/09 11:19 AM
capt lou 6 block island trip Debs/Jones NY Boat CaptWasserman 03/08/09 10:28 AM
Orlando- Tilapia Moriches NY Surf Captfantastic 03/08/09 09:43 AM
No fish, just pictures Moriches NY Boat KayakFisherman 03/08/09 12:15 AM
Local Cod Fire Island NY Boat psychocharters 03/07/09 10:20 PM
COD Montauk NY Boat Kicksave77 03/07/09 09:33 PM
Orlando Moriches NY Surf Captfantastic 03/07/09 09:19 PM
Upper Lake Moriches NY Boat Captfantastic 03/07/09 09:15 PM

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