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Location Area State Method Author Date 
Marilyn JEAN Western Sound NY Boat Fishing4ReeL08 02/09/12 08:28 PM
Brooklyn VI Mackeral New York Bight NY Boat kingfish1 02/09/12 08:27 PM
BROOKLYN VI FULL COOLERS LAST 2 DAYS New York Bight NY Boat brooklynsquid 02/09/12 08:19 PM
MARILYN JEAN IV Shepshead Bay Cod & Ling New York Bight NY Boat CaptRyanSHB 02/09/12 08:11 PM
MACKREAL HEAVEN ON THE BROOKLYN VI New York Bight NY Boat rocko 02/09/12 08:11 PM
Captain Mark Montauk NY Boat CaptMark10 02/09/12 07:59 PM
Captain Steven jr finds the cod on the Viking Star today Montauk NY Boat VikingFleet 02/09/12 04:22 PM
ISLAND CURRENT FLEET: COD R US! Rhode Island RI Boat islandcurrent 02/09/12 03:38 PM
queens New York Bight NY Boat jonnybass 02/09/12 01:02 PM
Central South Shore Central South Shore NY Surf flukeoholic 02/09/12 07:40 AM
DOWN SOUTH TOGGING ON THE MORNING STAR. Offshore NY Boat togilator 02/08/12 10:43 PM
HAMPTON LADY 02/08/12 Shinnecock NY Boat SHINNECOCKLADY 02/08/12 08:35 PM
ISLAND CURRENT III: COD WED., 2/8 Rhode Island RI Boat islandcurrent 02/08/12 04:17 PM
sweetwater Offshore NY Fly Fishing Captcorncobb 02/08/12 03:40 PM
Viking Fleet Cod Montauk NY Boat VikingFleet 02/08/12 12:17 PM
The MJ FLEET New York Bight NY Boat TheVeteran 02/08/12 11:25 AM

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