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reported by Jack Yee

June 26  2005

Light House action had produce bass up in the teen with bluefish, Southside midnight rock hoppers had bass and bluefish,One of the local sharpie keep it honest and the biggest bass that he whacked was a 20 LB bass

Town beaches has bluefish action most of the day with bass some action  at  Surfside, I.G.A, Glass house and Hither Hill area., Steve The Prev whacked a couple of bass this morning on the Northside and last night he also whacked bass in the same area. 1/2 oz bucktail., ...Joe Bragan "HAPPY 40 WEDDING JOYS"played midnight beach runner and whacked a couple of bass up to 10 LB class, Joe ended up in Shagwon and found some bass and bluefish


Sea Otter's night bass fishing on friday evening produce bass up to 53 LB class, Roger Veglie was the happy angler that caught the 53 LB bass (see photo) They also caught  a 45 LB.




Capt Jimmy George from the Nicole Marie, bass fished with a special family, 11 year old Josh Cooper from Little Fall, New Jersey in a wheelchair was top angler with a bass the weight in at 38 LB, (see photos)


FROM:Bob LaPiana

Hi Jack

It's Bob LaPiana. Myself and my friends chartered on The Elizabeth today, on the afternoon trip. Mark Falzarano, Marty & Mike Dolley, Rich Collett, and Jeff Dawson had a great day with 8 nice Bass between 20 and 43 lbs. Jeff Dawson's fish weighed in at 43 lbs. A great Captain is  Bob Maier and top notch mate Eric. Attached is some shots we took. See you Soon.( see photos)


Mon 6/20
Good fluke bite today with Hearst Mills limiting out with 4 fish over 5 pounds. Roger, Donald, Steve and Capt. Joel all went home with their limits. The pool was won by Mike Lee form East Coast Tackle, he nabbed a 7 1/2 pound flattie. Nice quality fish and soem good sea bass action as well.

Tues 6/21
Not the best conditions today with the afternoon bringing wind against te tide. Kenny, Ray, John #1, John #2 and Jimmy all took their fluke limits home. Kenny Donnelly won th epool with a 7 1/4 pounder.

Wed 6/22
Good fishing on the South Side today with the incoming tide. Paul Ryan nabbed a 7 pounder but lost out on the epool winnings when Richie "Straws" Maggio pulled an 8 pound fluke over the rails.

Thurs 6/23
Wind against th etide today resulted inb poor conditions and plenty of dog fish to contend with. The pool was a 5 pound fluke caught by Tom Pfaffe.

Fri 6/24-
Good fishing on the incoming tide out near frisbees. Randy Donnelly won th epool with a nice quality 7 pound flattie.

Fri night bass
The June moon did not disappoint. With good quantity and excellent quality coming over the rails. Bob Vigil nailed a 45 pound bass and in th esame drift a real cow was hauled over the rails. Roger Veglie brought in our biggest bass of the season so far weighing in at 53 pounds!

Sat 6/25 see charter
Sat niht stripers
Good night with close to 40 keepers over the rails. Nice quantity and the pool was won by Donald Dunn with a 24 pounder.

Sund 6/26
Rob Crane pulled out a nice falttie to win todays pool atr 8 1/2 pounds!

Fri 6/24
Ken Wozencroft and buddies from the Suffolk County Courthouse had a great evening of bass action. Mike nabbed the first fish of th enight and was high hook with 5 keepers. His largest weighed in at 28 pounds. Dennis nailed a nice 26 pounder.

Sat 6/25
Jim Polons and the group from PSE&G chartered Se aOtter V and had a great day with MIke bringing 11 keepers obver the rails up to 6 1/2 pounds. Angelo nailed a 7 /14 pound fluke. There were plenty of dogfish to contend with but the guys still had a good day. Brian struggled with a 45 pound Torpedo Ray that he managed to get in the boat, although there weren't too many brave souls willing to taket itoff the hook!

Sea Otter Fishing
Captain Joel Lizza
Montauk, NY
(631) 668-2669

As usual after the week-end the bite was on. Mo. A.M. saw 10 hangers with the pool going to Jim Scherer with  9.2 lber., Mike Greene had a 7 1/2 and Bob "A-Team" Kelly had a 5 1/2 and a 4 lber. Tues. A.M. saw 7 hangers all in th 5 and up lb. range. Dave McCann had a 5.13 to take the pool and right behind him and fishing for the first time was Rachele Facchini with her 5.8 lber. P.M. trip saw Chris Gray take the pool with his 4 lber. and he limited out. Wed. P.M. trip saw some nice size sea bass, but Artie Hirschberg pool fish was 6 1/4. Clint Bennett had a 4 1/2 and Michael Young limited out. Thurs. A.M. Chris Gray was back winning the pool fish with a 5.3 lber. and limiting out also. P.M. trips pool went to an angler who has fished with us for many years and well deserving of his biggest fish ever at 9.8 lbs. Harold Kahn. Fri. A.M. trip saw excellent fishing. 12 y/o Chris Wagner had the pool fish with a 6.1 lber. and once again Chris Gray and Michael Greene limited out. P.M.
trips pool went to Kevin Gilbert with his 4 1/2 lber. Sat. P.M. trips pool was tied at 4 1/2 by Ali Adlah and Ken Goldman. 9 y/o Kyle Contarino had a fish of 3 1/2 lbs. Sun A.M. trips pool was once again tied at 4 1/2 lbs. by John DiMiceli and Charlotte Wagner.  Capt. Mike has been fishing both South and North sides depending on the tides and conditions. Till next week, thanks, Kathy

Montauk Fishing Report
Saturday June 25 - Captain Liz says the night bass action was decent for the Saturday evening trip, the wind died out and the fishing improved as the night went on. Fluke was good for both trips, highlights included Ron Leonardi of the Freeport Tuna Club with his 4.4 pound fluke,  Ruel Boyce caught a 4.55 pounder, Guadalupe DeJours had a 3 pounder and Charles Hartenstein had a 2.9 pounder.
Friday June 24th- Fluke fishing was slow on our morning trip but some anglers caught some nice fish. Ron Leonardi from the Freeport Tuna Club won the pool with his 5.83lb fluke. Second place went to Cameron Downing with his 3.2 pounder. Chris Henze of Selden NY took the pool with a 35 pound bass on the night bass trip.
Thursday June 23 - Striped bass was excellent again - the boat had its limit early and continued to fish and release for fun. Mike Caulfied of Southampton took the pool.
Wednesday June 22- Captain Bobby had a good afternoon trip.The pool winner was Christian Rojas of East Hampton NY with a 4.75lb fluke. Tony Visil of Queens took the pool on the night bass trip - fishing was good at the start of the night when the tides were good and slowed down as the evening progressed.
Tuesday June 21- Fluke fishing was on the slow side in the morning. It was a nice day on the water none the less, and Hector Barcia, of Queens, NY managed to snag a 4.75lbs fluke for the first place in the pool. Seader Heckelman came in close second with a 4.5 pounder. Hector Barcia took the pool again in the afternoon with a 5.85 lb fluke. Good fluke fishing was reported in the afternoon by Captain Bobby.
Night bassing was not as good as expected with the full moon. However some nice fish were caught and Tonka Markolovie of Somers NY won the pool with a 34.6lb stripped bass.
Sunday June 19- Fluke fishing is still good as reported by Capt. Bob. First place went to Dr. Rich Petrik from New York, NY with a 5.85 pounder. Second place was taken by Jerry Kociuruba of West Islip with a 3.8lbs fluke.

Thought for the Day By: Dean Ghosio
Even fish would stay out of trouble
if the kept their mouth shut.

Thought for the Day By: Eleanor ( Tyznar) Stetson
Laughter is the remedy for life's many ills.  It can cure more quickly than any little pill.

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