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NY, NJ, CT, RI Edition • Volume 20 Number 5 • May 06 2009
About the Cover:

On the cover of our “ Boat Fishing Edition” is a very happy angler holding a beautiful doormat fluke that he caught last season. I’m quite sure that many fluke that fit right into the new fluke regulations are already in our waters waiting for us to get out there and catch them on New York’s fluke opener of May 15th and NJ’s fluke opener one week later. Get ready now and make sure that you are all set to go. I hope you get out and catch some nice fluke.

With the regulations calling for bigger keeper fluke than in the past, many of us need to change our methods, locations, timing and rigs. To help you do that, check out the feature in this month’s publication entitled “Back Channel Fluke Tactics”. In addition, more fish than ever will have to be released this season so remember to handle all those “new shorts” gently when releasing them to fight another day.

Reports of trophy sized striped bass are coming in and already some real beauties have been taken from the Hudson River, New Jersey and and New York waters. Check out our returning Hudson River field editor Bob Creeden’s weekly report on our web site now, as he keeps us posted on the striper migration. As a matter of fact keep your eyes open on our web site for our team of field editor’s fishing reports which will commence weekly on our web site at on May 11th.

Good luck and good fishing!

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