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NY, NJ, CT, RI Edition • Volume 19 Number 21 • Aug 27 2008
About the Cover:

On our cover this week is Chris Albano proudly holding up a 60-pound class yellowfin tuna. It was caught trolling at the Canyon on Saturday, 7/12, on the "Blushin Rose" with Capt. Bryce Poyer of Stalker Outfitters out of Shinnecock, NY. Not only was it Chris' first offshore trip, it was the first time that he ever picked up a rod and reel in his life!

This season has not produced the amount of yellowtails that all offshore anglers would like to see. This catch truly proves that “beginner’s luck” plays a big role when we are out there fishing. We hope that another angler has been hooked. Congratulations to Chris on a nice fish!

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